Tuesday, September 25, 2018

5 HUGE Makeup No-Nos!

1) Pumping your mascara wand!
When you reload your mascara wand, do not pump! That action forces air into you mascara drying it out much faster. All that air can reduce the self life of your mascara by more than half which wastes time and money. Plus, it introduces more bacteria into the mascara which can begin to grow. Instead of pumping your wand, scrape the edges for maximum benefits.

2) Not having a summer and winter foundation!
Even if you don't think you get tan, you do. That perfect foundation you just found is simply not going to be the same come February. Not only does the color of your skin change but so does the outside lighting making the sometimes subtle differences even more drastic. The other thing to think about is, "yes that powder foundation may look great during the summer months but your skin tends to lose moisture in the cold months". This means you may want a cream or liquid foundation for winter that will help hydrate your skin and not become flakey.

3) Having a dark and unblended lip liner!
This is not a trend! It's tacky and way too unnatural for this day and age. Lip liner is a great way to define and draw attention to your lips, but it should really be positive attention. Make sure you are not drawing on lips you wish you had. Also, blend in the liner towards the center of your mouth. This relieves harsh corners of your mouth.

4) Trying to be the filter!
Leave the filter to the camera; it's the professional. Caking on makeup and over defining, or even over blending, just steals away for your natural perfection. We aren't made to look covered in dew or drawn. It's just starting!

5) Foregoing the primer!
Primer is the super fruit of your makeup drawer! This one simple product keeps makeup looking fresh all day long. It also provides nutrients and hydration that your skin really needs. Primer is essential in the makeup process and people can tell when you skip it. 

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