Sunday, August 12, 2018

Weekly Trending Product: Olivia Garden iDetangle Brushes

iDetangle Brush Collection
Not your ordinary brush. You have a smartphone, so why not a smart brush? The iDetangle Brush Collection totally gets you! Just how smart is this brush you ask? Smart enough to know exactly what your specific hair type needs. With 3 different smart brushes to choose from, Olivia Garden has covered everyone and their specific hair needs with Fine Hair, Medium Hair, and Thick Hair hairbrushes.

Each brush has an ergonomically designed handle and vented design for balance and comfort. The fine hair brush design is made with ultra gentle double bristle, Medium hair design is made with dual length bristles and thick hair design is made with tension flexible bristles.

🚨Celeb alert 🚨
Just last week in sunny L.A., we can see @chrisappleton1 during his #fabulousaf masterclass putting his Olivia Garden brushes to work! There isn't any job these brushes can't handle. 

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