Monday, August 20, 2018

Tips For Soft & Silky Hair

Want to achieve soft & silky hair? Read on to see what simple tips will transform your hair from drab to glam!

Do Not Brush Hair When Wet!
When you brush your hair when it's wet, you are damaging your hair by ripping through the strands and tangles which causes split ends and breakage. To make sure you're smoothing the hair cuticles down, use a comb on wet hair to detangle and comb through gently or use a brush designed specifically for wet hair.

Finish Off Blow Drying Your Hair With A Blast Of Cold Air
We love the hot, warm air on our hair when blow drying but to achieve soft, shiny and silky hair, you should finish off any blow-out/blow-dry with a blast of cold air. It helps to not only lock in volume and body but closes the cuticle for sheen, clean and smooth hair appearance.
Shampoo The Right Way
We are all used to washing our hair and piling it all on top of our head but we should stray away from doing that. Piling our hair on top of our head causes not just tangles, but it dries out the ends which sadly, already lack moisture. Wash from the roots all the way down to the ends to preserve natural oils that create the radiant shine in your hair.
Eat Healthy Fats & Keep Hydrated With H2O
Keep your lipids high by eating foods with healthy fats like nuts, salmon and avocados. These contain healthy oils that will reflect smoothness and shine in your hair. Drink a lot of water as well to keep your body hydrated to avoid lackluster hair and skin.
Pat Your Hair Down Dry
Pat down your hair when drying instead of roughly rubbing the towel back and forth on the hair. Rubbing back and forth creates unwanted friction and opens up the cuticle which result in knots, breakage and frizz. Instead you should always pat dry your hair, from roots to ends and squeeze out all excess water to keep the hair smooth, healthy and happy.

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