Thursday, August 30, 2018

Fall in Love with Nude Lipsticks this Fall

We all know that autumn weather is the best time for hot smokey eye makeup looks. While there are thousands of tips and tricks on creating the perfect smokey eye; what about the smokey eye's best friend, the nude lip. A nude lip is important in keeping your face subtle and sexy when creating a dramatic eye look. Wearing nothing can make the look washed out and pale, but wearing a dark color can be too much. Here are 5 tips to help you make a perfect nude lip.

Use the side of a pencil liner instead of the point. It creates a softer definition and alleviates hard lines.

Highlight the Middle
Use a liner 1-2 shades lighter than your lipstick to fill in the center of your lips. This creates an illusion of fuller lips. It adds just the perfect amount of drama to the sophisticated sexiness of a nude lip.
Color Tones
Don't try to match the color of your lips. It's better to pick a color one shade darker than your skin tone. Then use the undertones of your skin to direct you to a specific hue. Fair skin looks great with a touch of pink. Olive and dark skin look more natural with a neutral beige.

Color Finishes
Always remember that matte and sheer lipsticks often read lighter when applied to your lips. Should you choose either of those finishes go with a darker shade. Satin and vinyl finishes are what they are so pick the color closest to what you want.
Top It with Gloss
Never forget your gloss on top. They make your nude lip look fuller and more healthy; which of course is always all the rage.

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  1. I really love nude colors. I am so happy to see they are "in" this Fall. And of course always have to have some gloss!


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