Monday, August 6, 2018

5 Beauty Habits You Need To Break

Not Removing Your Makeup
We are all guilty of doing it sometime or another. We always want to make sure we avoid not removing our makeup before bed to keep our skin clean and rid of all gunk and grime built up throughout the day. Not removing makeup before bed not only results in dull skin, but clogs your pores with leftover makeup, sweat and bacteria which leads to breakouts. To avoid doing this, make sure you have a few makeup remover wipes on your bed stand for those lazy nights.

Pumping Your Mascara
We have all heard that pumping your mascara will help to get more product on the applicator but that is not true. When you pump your mascara, you are allowing air to enter the tube that not only dries out the formula but you easily allow bacteria to creep into the tube that could cause possible eye infections. Most mascaras are designed with special tube packaging that is narrowed at the neck to dispense the right amount of mascara for proper application.

Skipping Moisturizer
A lot of times we are in a rush and forget to apply moisturizer to our face and body. Skipping this step in our beauty regimen can really damage the skin, making it more prone to dermatitis. It can lead to decreased skin elasticity and dry, rough skin. It's always best to apply moisturizer right after you shower to really let the moisturizer set to lock in all day moisture.

Not Cleaning Your Brushes
We hear it over and over again to clean our makeup brushes but yet we don't do it! Our brushes become contaminated with oil, bacteria and dead skin cells; just imagine applying that all over your face with your makeup, yikes! We should be cleaning our liquid foundation brushes every time after we use them and powder brushes once a week to make sure you keep your face clear of rashes, breakouts and redness.

Sleeping With Your Hair Pulled Up
Let your hair be free and relaxed when you're sleeping. Tying up your hair every night before going to bed stresses and puts tension on the hair which can lead to possible breakage and in more serious cases, encouraging a receding hair line. It can be something new that takes time to adjust to but it's safe and healthy for your hair. Since most of us toss and turn in the night, try switching to a satin pillow case to avoid hair breakage.

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  1. I'm guilty of all of this and I know better! I need to do a better job with my mature skin and my mature, thinning hair. Shame on me!


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