Monday, July 16, 2018

Curling Mistakes to Avoid!

Want the perfect curls but don't know how to achieve them? Tired of your curls falling flat? It just might be that you are committing mistakes when curling your hair.
Don't worry, we are here to help. Check out our list to make sure you are not committing these mistakes so you can have the the best curls possible!

Using hairspray before you curl your hair
We have been told to prep our hair with hairspray before curling our hair to get a better hold but that is actually the opposite of what you should do. Any hair care product that has too much moisture or alcohol is a disaster waiting to happen and can cause damage to the hair. Try using a thermal protectant spray instead.
Curl from roots to ends, not ends to roots
Sometimes we curl in all directions and in different forms but the best way to get the right curl shape and hold is to curl from the roots to the ends. When you curl from roots to the ends, you are not just getting the best shape possible, but you are protecting your ends from more damage as the ends are typically more fragile, thinned out and prone to damage.  The thicker hair at the roots needs a little more time with the iron than those thinner ends.
Using an old curling iron
We know, it's hard to say goodbye to our favorite curling iron but if the curling iron is outdated, not curling well enough and burning your hair, then it's time to step up your game and invest in a new one. Outdated and old curling irons might not have been made of the best materials back in the day vs. the more current curling irons. For example, if you have an old ceramic curling iron, over the years the ceramic coat tends to wear off and in doing this, it can be causing damage to your hair, resulting in not so curly q's.
Curling hair for the wrong amount of time
We tend to think the longer we keep the hair in the curling clamp, the better the curl will come out. We are wrong; you should only hold the hair in the curling iron for 5-8 seconds. Anything longer could potentially damage your hair. The 5-8 second rule results in the best curls and will keep you from not only causing potential breakage, but also from burning your hair.
Curling the wrong amount of hair
We get it, sometimes we are in a rush and grab chunks of hair and try to curl away. When we grab too much hair, the iron will not be able to evenly distribute heat and therefore will result in floppy, sad, wavy curls. Try curling 1 inch sections for the best curls that will last longer and look better!


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