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BRAND PROFILE : Schwarzkopf

SchwarzkopfIn 1898 Berlin, inside a small drugstore owned by Hans Schwarzkopf, a qualified chemist who began his incredible career in the world of beauty by featuring a popular perfume section in his store. Hans would become the man behind the curtain of a modern-day haircare giant that by 1903 would become the most inventive cosmetics company when Hans Schwarzkopf created the 'powder shampoo', a new, improved and very popular solution for cleansing the hair.
In 1933, the multi-talented Hans would once again introduce the world to a better way of caring and thinking about their hair with the first ever liquid shampoo. The demand was instant and continuous.  This prompted the opening of the very first hairdressing training center 'Schwarzkopf Institute for Hair Hygiene'. From the first liquid hairspray, Taft, to the Igora Royal hair color collection and the Poly Hair Cosmetics range that would be invented; Schwarzkopf has pioneered over the last 120 years to become a global force to be reckoned with in the Beauty World.

Proteo-Lipids Complex
An incredibly powerful combination of Hydrolyzed Keratin and Lipid Components to restore a protective layer of virgin hair that acts to perfect the cortex, improving elasticity and overall strength, while rebuilding the hair from the inside out. 
Micro-Dispersion Technology
This exclusive Cell Perfector delivers deep restoration of damaged hair by filling the structural gaps. Designed to infuse a precise amount of nourishing oils into the porous portions of the hair surface to produce beautiful shine and silky smooth results, revitalizing your hair's suppleness and vitality.
Product Lines
The Schwarzkopf BlondMe line is dedicated to preserving blonde tones, giving them light and shine along with the special care that being blonde requires. From cool to warm blonde, Schwarzkopf will make the maintenance easy and repair the damage caused by the lightening processes.  
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The Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure line rescues your hair from the harshness and damages of heat styling, environmental stressors and color services.  BC Bonacure turns every hair problem into a beautiful solution with a full range of Shampoo and Conditioner duos, styling products, and treatments ideal for every hair type and texture. 
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The Schwarzkopf Fibreplex line will strengthen and maintain your hair health directly following a chemical service by repairing hair bonds while sealing in your hair color.
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  • Fibreplex N3 Bond Maintainer - Designed to create new hair bonds and balance hair's pH level to maintain your salon results for stronger and longer lasting color. 
  • Fibreplex Shampoo - Cleanse while preserving and nourishing your hair after a chemical service for restored suppleness with luminous shine. 
The Schwarzkopf Igora line is hot trends like Color Melting and Mermaid hair with bold direct dye hues that last up to 20 washes so you can embrace the color revolution.
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  • Igora Colorworx Intense in Turquoise - A lively trending jewel tone direct dye that requires no developer and is unrivaled in brightness. Must be applied to blonde or pre-lightened hair to achieve desired color richness. 
  • Igora Expert Mousse in 9.5-12 Moonstone - A gorgeous trending blue-grey hued mousse designed with ultimate versatility in mind. Great for quick color corrections to keep your hair looking amazing with brilliant shine. Achieve a color refresh by processing for 3-5 minutes or for more intense results and deep conditioning process for 20 minutes.
The Schwarzkopf Osis+ line will take you on every hair adventure you have ever dreamed of with extreme style. 
Check out these BCC favorites:
  • Dust It Mattifying Powder - For lightweight definition and tousled textures, this matte styling powder has a unique liquefying effect for natural style control without the build-up. 
  • Session Label Crystal Gel-  Designed with intelligent craft, this gel is infused with crystal rock extract to deliver radical textures so hair stays in place with strong styling control for a dry feel instead of the traditional wet gel feel.
Giving Back: 
Shaping Futures is a dedicated mentoring program designed to bring education to disadvantaged youths in 25 countries. Schwarzkopf ensures follow up apprenticeships and job placement so every youth can take full advantage of the education.

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