Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Vacation Essentials

Going On a Trip? Here's How to Pack up Your Beauty Routine 

So, maybe you're camping under the stars, pampering yourself on a 5-star cruise, sun-bathing in the tropics or planning a business trip for the big city this summer; is your travel bag ready!? Let's face it, different destinations call for some different essentials. Also, there may be some insightful products/tools that you haven't even thought of. While we all dread packing that suitcase almost as much as unpacking, it's got to get done. We want to take a load off your shoulders, so let us help you get your travel bag ready! Don't forget "what happens on vacation, stays on vacation"! Here are a few items you may not have thought of to include with your essential Dry Shampoo, Makeup Wipes, and Travel Sized Shampoo/Conditioner and Hairspray. So, what are we waiting for? ON Y VA!
When Wilderness Calls
We are not gonna sugar coat it, camping equals bugs and bacteria! But that's what makes the great outdoors so fun!? Keep it natural while visiting nature. Tea Tree Oil should be the first thing you'll want to grab. It can be used for just about anything! It works for fungal infections, critters (lice, fleas,
scabies, ringworm), athletes foot from those long hikes, infections, minor skin irritations from those pesky mosquitoes, and perfect for soothing your senses while practicing your favorite yoga moves out in the elements. A good pair of Toenail Clippers/Nippers is a smart tool to bring, as well as Tweezers! Great to help with splinters, tweezing eyebrow hairs in natural light; you could probably use it for cutting fishing line too. The possibilities are endless.
Big City Nights
Immediately a hotel comes to mind and their courtesy wall-blowdryers that are anything but courteous. BYOBD (Bring Your Own travel sized Blow-Dryer) for your hair's sake! Those flashing lights of the big city will have you ready to experience its nightlife, you'll want to be prepared for ANY wardrobe malfunction with Hollywood Fashion Secrets' Stylette. It's a complete fashion emergency kit that fits conveniently in your purse... you're welcome!
Cruisin' Together
A sun-kissed tan is always better on a cruise! Get yourself Quick Tan ready with an instant self-tanner bronzing spray in travel size! That way you'll be prepared for a touchup mid-cruise. You'll want to make sure to keep your skin moisturized for the longevity of an instant tan. We suggest taking another little travel size buddy for the job, Touch of Tan Moisturizer is a hero! Last but not least, it's important to make sure to pack cosmetics as light as possible so you can have more room for all your flashy cute clothes and shoes. You can do this by getting a Makeup Starter Kit, it has all the essentials you'll need; primer, foundation, concealer, base/setting powder, mini handi brush, and setting spray!
Family Vacation, Road Style
Rest areas are your new best friends on a road trip. More than likely you'll be using this pit stop for an easy hairstyle or touch up. It's always a good idea to make sure you have a handy Heat-Resistant Travel Pouch for your must-have mini flat iron while on a road trip. Don't leave home without it! Next on your "better bring it" list is for the fam bam. Little Green Kids Gift Set with Travel Lotion provides a 2-in-1 shampoo/body wash, Conditioning Hair Detangler for "car-seat hair" and nice little nourishing body lotion to cut down on whatever that smell is coming from the back seat. For him, and some extra brownie points for you, grab a Dopp Bag Essentials Travel Kit to go with his razor (that he probably forgot). Bringing a backup razor is probably not a bad idea either.
Tropical Adventure
Hello, destination Kokomo! Taking a vacay out of the country? Don't be stuck without a Travel Universal Plug Adapter; covers more than 150 Countries! Now your favorite styling tools can go with you anywhere. We know you're sure to have a totally "Beachin" time while splashing around in the ocean, just make sure your hair doesn't suffer. Bed Head's Mini Beach Trio contains a cleansing jelly shampoo and mellow after-sun conditioner to make sure it stays in a healthy nourished state while the Beach Me Gel will give you plenty of texture and body. LOVE IT!

Whatever you do this summer...wherever the destination...have a wonderful, relaxing time!

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