Saturday, June 23, 2018

NEON Please

Make Your Summer Extra HOTTT with a POP of Neon!
This year's summer fashion trend couldn't be more fun! We think neon is so rad that we can't wait to get home and try our hand at replicating Ziggy Stardust's lightning-bolt across our face! Kidding aside, bold is beautiful this summer. Stop covering up your features with foundation; start painting them up and see just where the night takes you! 2018 is all about ultraviolet, glitter and gloss on those lips. Think holographic kisses. For the eyes, you'll want to raccoon them out! Cover the rim of your
peepers in hot pink, tangerine, emerald or cobalt blue. And don't forget, HAVE FUN with it. Don't be afraid to add accessories like crystal studs, false lashes, and winged liner.
"What feels modern, and strong, is to be playful with makeup" -Thomas de Kluyver
Make a statement, stand-out! The key to pulling this look off is that you don't want to overdo it. It's basically just you, with a pop of color. Let them know you're here and feel your presence. "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" Let your energy be contagious, this is your time. Wear it with confidence and dance like nobody is watching. Pro Tip: to make your shadow's electric, simply dip your brush in water (pretty sure we all have a brush and water, right?) and a pinch of brightness. The water will saturate the color. 
So, are ready to get started? We have some totally awesome shadows by Bodyography called Pure Pigment Eyeshadow, that'll be perfect to get you started. You may purchase the palette or they're also sold individually. Next, pucker up with these amazing shades from Suavecita; Cosmos, Frenchy, Luna, and Sirena. 

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