Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Find the right bangs for you!

Want to change up your look in a small yet dramatic way this Summer? Try out some bangs! They're fun, adds some change and they come in a variety of looks.
Don't know what style to go with? Check out our list and see the pros and cons for each bang style to decide which one is the right one for you.

Blunt Bangs
If you like to make bold statements then these are the bangs for you. These work great for those with thick hair and give you a chic yet modern look.
Pros: Blunt bangs are a bit on the heavier side so they are a great way to hide and deal with cowlicks.
Cons: These babies need to be trimmed regularly to maintain the blunt lines.

Side Bangs
If you're more on the low maintenance side then you'll want to opt for side bangs. They are easy to style, control and fit any face shape! You can go for long or medium side bangs to shape your face or short bangs on a pixie cut!
Pros: Very little maintenance required and a great way to minimize your forehead.
Cons: NONE

Wispy Bangs
If you want to add some texture and shape to your face, try out some wispy bangs. These don't work with all hair types but do compliment most faces. Like side bangs, these wispy bangs are pretty easy to maintain and style.
Pros: Can be worn as straight bangs or swept to the side. Works on both long and short hairstyles.
Cons: These bangs can get greasy pretty quick vs. other bang styles but nothing a little dry shampoo can't handle.

70's Style Bangs
If you are fearless and a trendsetter, try out the 70's style bangs. These bangs are a beautiful combo of full bangs and wispy bangs. They are best worn slightly swept to the side or middle-parted.
Pros: Gives your hair texture and sheds some years off your face.
Cons: Does not work with all face shapes, works best for those with oval and heart-shaped faces.

Round Bangs
If you want to look sleek, go for the round bangs. Bangs that are sharply angled at the ends to contour the face. Round bangs can be cut and worn as either full, thick or shaggy.
Pros: Can be styled by wearing them to the side or parted in the middle for an edgy look.
Cons: Must be trimmed regularly to maintain the length and sharp angles.

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