Thursday, June 7, 2018

FAQ: Lash & Brow Enhancements

Are you thinking about adding a lash or brow enhancement serum to your daily beauty routine? If so, this is the article to read. Here we will answer some of our most frequently asked questions about using lash and brow enhancements. These serums provide the strength, nutrients and conditioning properties needed to create gorgeous naturally grown lashes.
How long does it take to see results?
The time it takes to see results may vary between different serums. On average most serums should begin showing some results after 30 days. However, you should never give up on the product until after day 60. The results at 30 days may not be fully visible to the naked eye.

If I use it more often, will I see faster results?
Most serums are directed to be used either once or twice daily. Using these serums more than morning and night will not speed up your results. These serums are formulated to be at maximum potency with minimum work. Your body can only absorb so much.
What if I forget a day?
Do Not Panic. Of course, a regular routine shows the best results in the fastest amount of time; but that does not mean missing one day will push you back to day one. There is also no need to apply double the dose the next day either. Just continue with your normal day.

Can I use these if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?
There is nothing showing negative side effects in pregnant or nursing women but there is also very little studies being conducted. It's best to ask your doctor's opinion and when in doubt go without.

Are they for men as well as women?
Yes, as long as your lashes and brows need the boost, these serums work!
Is a tingling sensation normal?
Yes, it is just from the absorption. The tingle should be mild though and tend to dissipate with use. If it does not, that would be more indicative of an allergic reaction and you should discontinue use right away.

Can I use these with makeup?
Yes, you can. Apply your lash or brow serum before any other makeup and allow it time to dry. Other than that, makeup is a go!
When should I stop using a lash and brow enhancement serum?
One drawback of lash serums is that you won't ever want to completely stop using them. If you do stop, that does not mean all your lashes or all your brows will fall out. They will slowly start to thin back out to where they were before use. Once your lashes and brows are at a point of your desired results, simply back off use to once every two or three days. This will maintain your look without using up as much product.
Lashes Only
Can I use on lower lashes?
With caution, yes. There is a slightly greater risk of the serum getting into your eye so just be aware to apply it a little bit low. Also, keep out of the corners of your eye as the serum will tend to pool there anyways and will have a greater chance of getting in your eye.

Can I use with lash extensions?
Yes. Lash serums will not get in the way or disrupt your lash extensions at all.
Brows Only
Can I use if my brows are tattooed?
Yes. your body can still absorb the nutrients and work just the same. As an added bonus the conditioning elements in brow serums are also extra healthy for the tattooed skin!

Can I use if I dye my brows?
Yes. The ingredients found in most brow serums are color-safe and will not strip off your brow color. These serums are also targeted at your hair follicle under your skin so the color will not get in the way of absorption.

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