Saturday, June 30, 2018

Eyeliner Basics 101

There are many different types out there as well as looks and colors. Check out our guide to see which look and style application works best for you!

Types of Eyeliner
Out of all the eyeliners, the eyeliner pencil would be considered the easiest to apply, especially for beginners. It works great for lining the rim of the eyes and creating smoky looks. For the eye pencil, you will always want to make sure you sharpen it so you don't let bacteria linger around.

The gel eyeliner glides with ease so there is no need to tug! These typically come in a small pot with a brush, which works wonderful to create artistic eyeliner designs as it gives you the ability to be precise.

Gives clean and precise, sharp lines to create dramatic shapes like the iconic cat eye look. You might want a steady hand for this one! The liquid eyeliner is the hardest of the three to master, but once you have conquered this baby, there's no cat eye to stop you! You will need to let it dry to avoid product transferring to your upper lid.

Eyeliner Colors
There is a huge variety of different eyeliner colors out there for any and every occasion. Check out the list to see which color will match for your event to enhance your look.

Black: Gives a bold and striking look.

Gray: Great for a softer and brighter look.

Navy/Green: Trend-Setter look.

White: Makes the eyes appear bigger and awakened.

Brown: For a smoky but subtle look.

Eyeliner Styles
There are so many styles for eyeliner that there really is no limit. Find the one that best fits your eye shape to compliment your overall look!

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