Monday, June 18, 2018

Choosing The Right Flat Iron - Ceramic? Tourmaline? Titanium?

Need a new flat iron? Or maybe the one you have is not doing the job you expected.  Keep reading to find out your best choice for your type of hair.
Ceramic. If you’re looking for healthy Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Technology, Ceramic is usually the least expensive way to go, but there’s a disclaimer: not all ceramic stylers are created equal. From your cheapest heating tools to your most expensive, you can find
appliances that are only ceramic coated. This means that the tools are made with metal or even plastic and then coated with ceramic.  Skip all of that because investing in 100% solid ceramic plates from the start saves you in the long run with plates that don’t suffer from chipping and hair damaging hot spots like conventional hot tools. Products that use 100% pure ceramic are the way to go. You have to be a bit more gentle with these because ceramic is a softer material, but the difference will be in how long you’ll have that styler keeping your hair looking flawless.  

Tourmaline. Each anti-frizz ingredient you add to your products is just one more step to reforming your rebellious hair. Tourmaline is not a material that can stand alone as a means to style hair. It’s a semi-precious stone that is crushed and usually fused together, or layered on top of Ceramic or Titanium materials to give you a MEGA negative ion boost. Adding Tourmaline to the ceramic actually makes for an even smoother glide so that there’s way less friction with hair than ceramic alone. This helps hair to receive less damage, need less product, and to get red carpet worthy shine. If your hair is needing some extra TLC, saving some extra dollars to get a Tourmaline infused styler is recommended.  

Titanium.  Titanium is a hardcore way to stop frizz and static electricity before it starts. It has all of the infrared heat and negative ions, but in a naturally occurring metal that is as strong as steel, but 40% lighter. It is a powerhouse of a heat conductor so your styler is the one waiting on you. Titanium gets in, gets out and leaves your hair with a silky texture like never before. Titanium products might be better suited for professional use or for very thick coarse hair. If you have thin or fine hair and use a Titanium product, be sure to keep it on the lowest heat setting and monitor how many times a week you use it to keep your hair in check.
The Bottom Line
All styling elements made from Ceramic, Tourmaline and Titanium emit infrared heat and negative ions. This not only offers a mellower and faster way to dry and style hair; but it heats hair evenly while breaking up the water molecules into smaller, more absorbable parts to create a protective barrier that keeps moisture in and bacteria and microbes out.  However, you don’t need a machete to cut an apple.  If you have thin to normal hair, 100% pure ceramic could be enough to get stunning hair. Tourmaline gives you an even added boost and is great for all hair types.  Titanium, unless used properly, most benefits coarse unruly hair.

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