Friday, May 4, 2018

Top Wedding Hairstyles for 2018

If you are planning a summer wedding, or if you know someone who is, we've put together some pix of the hottest styles for this year.  (Tip: take a few idea images to your hair stylist when you discuss what you want.  It will help them to visualize what you have in mind and will help them succeed on your big day.)  Of course, up-dos are still on-trend, but brides are also choosing loose waves and headpieces.  Take a look!
Wedding Comb, Bridal Hair Pins, and Headpieces

2018 is all about romantic, whimsical, detail-rich and delicate hairstyles. What better way to complement this look than with a simple yet also detailed wedding comb or bridal pin. For an elegant look, you may want to pair textured low- up-dos with a backward facing headpiece. 

Textured Low Up-dos
These very detailed up-dos are a fusion of braids with classic styles. Although they are quite intricate, they do not look too overdone or overwhelming. They are very soft and the perfectly imperfect messy hair showcases the trending color techniques used with hombre and balayage. 

Pro tip: Curl loose strands for a more whimsical hairstyle.

Side Swept Romantic Waves
Classic Old Hollywood waves (finger-waves) are not just timeless but also very complimentary to almost any neckline. To achieve this look, simply part your hair all the way to one side. The curly, side-swept style pairs nicely with veils too. 

Half Up-do & Half Up-do Knot
The new half up-do is perfection. Braids and twists are sure to add that wow-factor while bringing softness and glamour to your big day. For a more subtle and chic look, try the Up-do Knot. This look can be smoothed out for a more glam look or mess it up a little if you're more of a boho lover.

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