Monday, May 28, 2018

Take the Hair Moisture Test

Test your hair to see if it needs moisture or extra moisture:  Take a strand of hair (dry, not wet) and gently pull both ends to stretch it. If it breaks easily, you don't have enough moisture in your hair. Did you pass? If not, let's see what ingredients you should be looking for!

A lot of products say they’re moisturizing on the label. In reality, they might simply coat your hair to make it feel softer. Look for products with natural oils like olive or argan oil, or glycerin, sorbitol, or shea butter. Stay away from shampoos with mineral oil and petrolatum, which keep outside moisture from getting in.

A hair treatment and repair mask should be your first step in repair.  Masks give hair extra-deep moisturizing benefits that add strength and elasticity so it can withstand the daily stresses of styling.  TIP:  Give your mask time to work.  Once you apply, wrap hair in a saran wrap as the added heat will intensify the process.

For Fine/Thin Hair
5.07 oz. $41.00
For Thick or Coarse Hair
6.7 oz.  $46.00
For Medium Hair
Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask
8.5 oz  $35.00

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