Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sun's Out, Buns Out

3 Super Simple Buns For Summertime 3 Easy Steps

1. Rake a dime-size drop of leave-in smoothing serum
Apply serum to damp, towel-dried hair. Then, using a round brush, blow-dry hair until completely dry.

2. Flat-iron
For a sleeker look, you'll want the hair to lie flat against your head. This means you'll need to pull the flat-iron from the roots in the direction you're wanting to wear your hair. In this case, you'll want to style the hair away from your face.
3. Secure hair into a low ponytail and knot
Spray your hairbrush with hairspray. We like to use a working spray with a bit of shine for this style. Then, quickly brush and gather your hair into a low ponytail. Secure with a hair elastic. Using the same working spray, lightly mist the ends then twist into a knot and secure with bobby pins. 

1. Prep hair like the previous style
then flat-iron away from your face and part into 3 separate sections. You will want to part your from the top of the head to the back of each ear. Use a clip to hold each section in place.

2. Comb a nickle-size amount of pomade (more for thicker/fuller hair) from root to tip
Work through each section making sure each is fully saturated and shiny.

3. Create your chignon
Secure the back section of your hair in a low ponytail with an elastic. Then you're going to split the hair behind the elastic next to your scalp and pull the end of your ponytail through. Depending on the length of your hair, you may need to wrap it through a couple times. Use bobby pins to hold in place. Last, take your side sections (one at a time) and wrap the hair over, around and underneath your bun. Again, secure with bobby pins making sure all hair it tucked and in place. Don't forget to finish with a firm hold finishing spray.

1. Repeat step 1 from the above styles and add your serum
This time, instead of blow drying your hair away from the face, hold your head upside down while drying it. This will give you tons more body, especially if you're wanting a style that sits higher up on the head.

2. After the hair is dry, pull into a high tight ponytail
Secure your ponytail with an elastic at the crown of your head. 

3. Use a smoothing cream through the ends of the ponytail
Then, create a tight braid and tie it off with a small clear elastic. Twist and pin the braid into a topknot. Finish the look with your favorite hairspray. SUPER SIMPLE AND CUTE!

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