Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to achieve stronger, healthier nails

We all want strong, healthy, gorgeous nails but some of us can't seem to strengthen, grow or maintain them without having them break, crack or get flimsy. So what's the deal?
Whatever the reason may be, no one can achieve strong and healthy nails without a little help and TLC.
Here we will share some tips, advice and information on how to strengthen, take care of and maintain strong and healthy nails.

Don't Bite Your Nails.
It's the most common, bad habit many of us have gotten accustomed to and is a real downer when trying to grow and strengthen your nails. A lot of times when we bite our nails, we end of leaving the nail jagged and ridged, which in many cases leads to peeling and hangnails. Nail biting may also lead to infection.  If you cannot stop biting your nails on your own, there are some nail treatments like Bite-X that can help you to kick this bad habit to the curb.
Keep The Nail Bed & Cuticle Moisturized With Cuticle Oil.
In doing this, you make the cuticles and nails not just look and feel healthier but the cuticle oil leaves the nails and cuticles moisturized to protect nails from breakage.
Keep Your Nails Filed.
When you file your nails, you smooth out any rough or jagged edges which may lead to hang nails or much worse, a broken nail. Those jagged edges may catch on anything and tear the nail. Tip: Make sure when you are filing that you don't saw back and forth but instead, you should take your time and start filing from the sides of each nail to the tip of your nail to achieve the shape you desire.
Do Not Use Your Nails As Tools.
We know its hard to not use our nails when there isn't a pair of scissors lying around when trying to open things like boxes and scratching and ripping the tape off the box but you actually risk bending the nail back when doing simple things like this. The white area, referred to as the stress area can bend back and this weakens the nail which ultimately leads to nail breakage.
Try Using A Nail Strengthener.
Use a nail strengthener composed of keratin proteins to help your nails become stronger. Nail strengtheners with keratin protein help to bond molecules in the nails together to create a stronger nail bed. The only downside to this advice is once you stop using the nail strengthener; your nails will return back to the normal state they were in before. It is recommended you use a nail strengthener every 3-5 days.
Base Coats and Top Coats Are Essential.
Not only do they prolong your manicure but they help to keep the nails in better condition vs. no base or top coat applied.
Do Not Pick Off Old Nail Polish.
We know, we all love the sweet feeling of peeling off nail polish but that is a big no-no if your trying to achieve strong, healthy nails. When you pick off and peel old nail polish, it aggravates the nail bed which leads to nail damage. Instead use a non-acetone nail polish remover when removing nail polish to keep nails in tip top shape.
Let us know if you try some of these tips and advice's and how they worked out for you!💅

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