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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

There are many questions about hair that arise repeatedly in the beauty industry, but none so much as this one - How often should I wash my hair? You have probably heard many answers, including, "if you wash every day you're destroying your hair".
The truth is there is no right answer, as a true blanket solution to this burning question has yet to be discovered. How often you wash your hair depends on many factors & your hair type is a big one.  It also depends on your activities, age, and hair styling products. Texture is king when it comes to wash day decisions. So, if you find yourself washing your hair daily because your hair turns greasy quick or your fine hair just isn't the same without a fresh wash, know that it's okay to shampoo this often. Below are some handy tips for every hair type, along with some general helpful tips.

Curly/Wavy Hair

Curly or Wavy hair is more prone to become dry due to the scalp's natural oils inability to coat the coiled or waved strands as easily. This may result in you to not need to wash as often.  Over washing can cause frizz & unruliness to take hold. This hair type is usually always thirsty; keeping your curly/wavy hair moisturized is a priority. We can recommend Deva Curl No-Poo Decadence Cleanse or Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Shampoo for this hair type to quench the thirst but keep those curls or waves clean & bouncy.

Fine Hair

If your hair is fine then it's likely you tend to wash more frequently. In particular, if your hair is straight, it tends to become easily coated in sebum causing the hair to look and feel greasy. We can recommend Obliphica Seaberry Shampoo for Fine Hair or Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner, to gently cleanse while delivering nourishment to your fine hair without the weigh down. 

Normal Hair

"Normal" meaning your hair tends to play nice most of the time - not be too oily or too dry. Lucky you! You can freely decide based on your hair's feel & look how often or less often to shampoo. We can recommend Evo Normal Persons Daily Shampoo  or Mediceuticals Bioclenz - Normal Scalp & Hair Antioxidant Shampoo to revitalize & strengthen normal hair types.

Thick\Coarse Hair

For thick or coarse haired ladies, you're usually blessed to be able to go up to 4 days or more without washing. You have the wiggle room to only wash your hair a couple times a week. We can recommend Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo or  L'oreal Paris Pro Mythic Oil Shampoo Argan & Myrrh for Thick Hair that will soften, tame & provide superior manageability to this hair type. 

Beauty Care Factors for All Hair Types

  • Age - Plays a big role for how often to wash as well, since children & older adults don't usually produce as much sebum as teens or adults in their 20's & 30's. Although, while you once may have struggled with an oily scalp, your scalp can become drier as you age, forcing you to change routines & products.
  • Dandruff - Can certainly become a symptom of a dehydrated scalp environment from over washing but in other cases, it's due to different skin problems and in that case you would benefit from a dandruff specific shampoo to help cleanse & soothe. We can recommend Lakme K.Therapy Sensitive - Relaxing Shampoo
  • Dirt, Pollen & Sweat - Cleaning, gardening or working out can leave your hair feeling & looking oily or dirty. Dirt, dust & pollen can become trapped on hair leading to a dull buildup. We do recommend shampooing after heavy workouts or any messy tasks to keep your locks fresh & dirt free.
  • Styling Products - Can build up on your hair & scalp creating damage & irritation. For frequent or heavy product users this may mean you need to wash more frequently to reduce the build-up problem. 

 Keep in Mind

  • Any change in routine takes about 4 weeks to balance out and see true results. If you feel your washing too much, try washing every other day.  Give you and your hair a little time to adjust to the new routine.
  • Dry Shampoos are a great way to skip a wash day but still look & feel fresh! They not only absorb the dirt and oils but add texture.  
  • Conditioner is important! Whether you go for a traditional in-shower conditioner or select a leave-in conditioner, pay special attention to the ends of your hair.  Ends always need the extra attention as they are the "oldest" part of your hair.
  • No matter what, your the only one that can determine the balance of cleanliness & moisture for your hair but it never hurts to try new products or routines in an attempt to find the best balance. Call us for a consult with our Customer Service Reps if you need any assistance! 
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  1. Thanks for this info. I wash my hair less often now that I'm older but I didn't know about the info on wavy hair.


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