Friday, May 18, 2018

Eye Shadows perfect for your Eye Color

Achieving the perfect eye look can take a bit of trial and error, but we've got some great tips for you so you can get your shadow colors just right!

For all you brown-eyed beauties out there, get ready for some fun! Brown eyes are probably the most fun color to have when it comes to doing makeup. Brown has a mixture of all the primary colors, meaning most colors compliment them. One of our favorite brown eye tricks is using metallic colors. theBalm Shady Lady Racy Kacy or Jane Iredale Eye Shere Gold Silk is an easy and perfect way to make your eye stand out and shine. Here's a trick special for brown eyes; use a white eyeliner with your

metallic tones. The white will highlight the deeper brown color and enhance the metallic in the eyeshadows. If you're looking for a more sultry look try a deep plum color eyeliner like theBalm Mr. Write (Now) ScottB. Bordeax. The purple hues will provide a much stronger pop than traditional black. If you don't think you could pull off the plum eyeliner try an eggplant mascara. It won't be quite as drastic as the eyeliner but will still give a sexy sleek pop. One thing we find amazingly lucky for brown eyes is that they can pull off the cobalt blue eyeshadows without looking like a clown. Jane Iredale's PurePressed Eyeshadow -Magic can give your classy, demure eyes a wild and crazy for a fun crazy look. The biggest thing to remember is if you want your look to focus on your eyes brown eyes, then you need the pop of color. Keeping your eyes neutral is a great way to blend them in and go for a pop lip, but other than that they are neutral and classy enough by themselves.

Blue eyes can be so beautiful one second and then almost grey the next. They go from needing zero make up to needing a little extra pop depending on the light. So what's the best way to glam up your big blue beauties? For a classy office look think about a matte pallet like theBalm Meet Matt(e)Nude. The matte colors will enhance the white around your iris and let your blue look bluer. If you have more grey-blue eyes, sheer eyeshadows will look fantastic on you! The light shine will create a fun and playful look without overwhelming your eyes' natural beauty. If you have blue eyes and are looking to do a smoky eye, try using natural colors. This gives your eyes the sexy look of a smoky eye and keeps it simple for your blue beauties. Try gloMinerals Metallic SmokyEye Kit to achieve this beautiful look. Blue eyes are one of the few eye colors that can also rock the no bottom eyeliner look. By not using a bottom liner your eyes will look less blocked in and more vibrant.

Green eyes are one of nature's most beautiful flukes! If you are blessed with green eyes be prepared to have lots of copper and purple eyeshadows! Bronze eyeshadow is our favorite with green eyes. It compliments all different shades of green and can be found in matt or shimmery! BodyographyExpressions - Sunray or Youngblood Penny would both be must-have staples for green eyes. The warmer tones will help green eyes stand out. Purple and green may just remind some of you of Barney. However, the two colors have always complemented each other so well. Green eyes should play around with purple eyeshadows, mascaras and liners. Purple eyeliners like TIGI Perfect Eyeliner - Royalty or Jane Iredale Jelly Jar - Purple can add a very sexy, sultry look to your eyes. Something to skip with green eyes is black eyeliner or grey eyeshadows. They conflict with the natural beauty of green eyes. Of course, if you do use them it won't look bad but it will mask the natural beauty you already have. Our last tip is to embrace the clumpy mascara trend! Green eyes have a natural wild look about them and the clumpy messy mascara will create an overdramatic and sensational draw to your eyes. Embrace your flukes ladies!

Hazel eyes you lucky bums!! Hazel eyes basically get to wear whatever they want. With the exception of blue based colors, hazel eyes will be enhanced with every color you try! The biggest thing with hazel eyes is to mix things up. Use purple to make your eyes look more blue or light. Browns can bring out the green in your eyes and pinks will give your eyes the sexy chocolate look. Investing in something like Mirabella's Pick 4 Palette that way you can keep changing things up.

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