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Loma - Seeking to re-imagine the way we experience naturally inspired, organically infused hair care, founder and cosmetic chemist David Hanen has done just that - dedicating his career to the art of beauty and hair. From his beginnings as a salon stylist and a successful salon owner, David's passion for product formulation is what makes him an innovator for his pure, organic and sustainable beauty products. Loma sets themselves miles apart by creating, sourcing, manufacturing and filling all their own products for hair care as it should be, naturally.
Loma Science
Clean Water
The Loma mission begins with the cleanest water, sourced and filtered from one of the purest water reservoirs in the world combined with the purest ingredients, clean and free of hidden hazards. To create high-performing products with naturally healing raw materials and essential oil-based fragrances that are good for your hair and skin.
Aloe Vera
All Loma products contain an exclusively formulated AloeMoist Complex, where pure water is infused with concentrated organic Aloe Vera Powder. This infusion makes up the #1 ingredient and is further made of pure organic plant extracts, oils, vitamins and minerals for a clean approach to healthier hair and a sustainable environment.
Sunflower Seed Oil 
An incredible antioxidant essential oil featured in Loma products is Sunflower Seed Oil, which is extracted from the black seeds and the entire flower. Sunflower Seed Oil is ultra-rich in nutrients that are vital for repairing skin, delivering powerful calming and moisturizing effects that fight inflammation or irritation of the skin creating an optimal scalp environment. For your hair, Sunflower Seed Oil conditions, controls frizz, and softens while nourishing for smooth, healthy results.
Each Loma product contains a very unique Aromatherapy blend dedicated to creating that ideal experience for your senses. Aromatherapy, also known as Essential Oil Therapy, is described by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy as the artistic science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants that harmonize and balance to promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit. 
What ingredients does it not have?
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Product Lines:
The Loma Daily line has a Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner, the shampoo has an aromatherapy blend of Pure Orange and Tangerine. The shampoo is specially formulated to deliver incredible shine while protecting, repairing and restoring your hairs moisture balance for improved manageability. The conditioner has an aromatherapy blend of Orange and Sandalwood, with a formulation dedicated to enhancing, protecting and softening for restored vibrancy. This line is ideal for those with fine to normal hair types.

The Loma Moisturizing line has a Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Treatment (Conditioner), the shampoo is specially formulated to replenish your hair and scalps moisture balance with an aromatherapy of Mango, Orange, and Tangerine. The treatment is a deep penetrating conditioner that adds incredible shine, moisture and strength to stressed hair, with an aromatherapy blend of Cranberry and Tangerine. This line is ideal for those with normal to dry, color-treated, and foiled hair in need of care.

The Loma Nourishing line has a Nourishing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner, the shampoo is formulated to revitalize dry, thirsty or thrashed hair to restore overall health with an aromatherapy blend of Cranberry and Pear. The conditioner repairs damaged hair while replenishing the moisture balance and infusing incredible shine, with an aromatherapy blend of Cranberry and Pear. This line is ideal for chemically treated, dry and damaged hair.

The Loma Styling line is dedicated to delivering detangled, repaired, tamed and smooth hair for the ideal style you desire. A few of the many Loma Styling products include :
  • Curvy Creme - A medium, flexible hold styling cream that activates and adds beautiful manageability to curls and waves.
  • Max Volume SolutionA medium to firm hold styling solution to build fullness and volume with beautiful shine.
  • Fiber PuttyA medium shine, medium firm holding fibrous styling putty to define, separate and texturize. 
The Loma Treatment line is dedicated to repairing and strengthening hair that has been dulled, frayed and stressed by environmental and sun damage or become limp and lifeless from chemical services.
  • Deep Conditioner - Formulated with Baobab Fruit to deeply nourish and rebuild damaged hair.
  • Fortifying Reparative Tonic - Formulated with Creatine and Keratin to infuse shine and protect while repairing and strengthening.
  • Leave-In Conditioner - Instantly detangles, infused with Sea Salt to add texture and incredible volume. Ideal for fine or limp hair types. 
  • Nourishing Oil Treatment - Infused with Jojoba, Olive and Safflower Oils to replenish moisture while protecting and smoothing when heat styling. Vanilla Bean and Orange aromatherapy blend.
The Loma Violet line has a Violet Shampoo and Violet Conditioner, the shampoo is formulated to brighten blonde and grey hair while neutralizing brassy, yellow tones with an aromatherapy blend of Blood Orange and Vanilla Bean. The Conditioner is part of the blonde and grey brightening system aimed to soften while adding shine, with an aromatherapy blend of Eucalyptus and Lemon. This line is ideal for those with blonde, gray, or highlighted including Ombre and Balayage styles with blonde.

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