Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekly Trending Product - St. Tropez

Are you ready for shorts, swimwear, and peek-a-boo dresses?  It's the time of year when the blouses are sleeveless and the legs are bare.  You love the look of tanned legs, yet you don't want to damage your skin by laying in the sun.'s your solution!

Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse will give you a healthy, iconic and natural looking tan. St. Tropez's award-winning formula is lightweight, streak-free and easy to apply. One of our favorite things about their products is that it doesn't have that self-tan smell, but rather a pleasant mood-boosting light fragrance. Tan lasts up to 10 days, is quick drying, won't transfer and is non-sticky. Take advantage of our 15% off discount this week, use code "SUNLESS15" during checkout this week only! Shop St. Tropez products here.

Easy To Apply With Mitt  
"I bought the smaller bottle since I really wanted to try it out before investing in a larger size, now I wish I would've got the big one. I made sure to exfoliate and dry well first. When applying it dries super quick, try to keep that in mind. I had color instantly and it developed streak-free and looked very natural, HUGE PLUS. I really liked how buildable the product is, perfect for getting "just the right" shade. It lasts for 5-7 days, so I apply weekly. The scent when first applied is a light fruity and sweet smell, very pleasant. " -Kevyn

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