Friday, April 20, 2018

Tried It! - Self-tanning!

Last week I came across My Self Tanning Routine & Fake Tan Tips by Chloe Boucher and had to check it out. Her video was informational and easy to follow. Her accent and humor made it fun to watch too! She made really good points and gives relatable examples. 
My Self Tanning Routine & Fake Tan Tips
Verdict: 💓 IT!
Difficulty: 💪

With Spring in full swing, I needed to get my Summer glow started. I began staying away from the tanning beds about 4yrs ago in my early 30's. I really want to keep my skin looking young, but not having that beautiful brown skin makes me sad. I've previously experimented with self-tanners, but didn't know exactly what I was doing. I've had tips from friends - but needless to say, it's been a whole lot of trial and error with products, application, and upkeep.

Chloe's video helped me to figure out where I was going wrong applying my tan. I know now, I was not prepping enough before application. This step is CRUCIAL. I cannot express this enough. It makes a world of difference.

Results were AWESOME! I was so worried at first - the guide color looked green when I was done with the initial application. The tan dried quick, which was a huge plus. I actually timed this all wrong - I still needed to go to the local market that evening after I put my tan on. HA! I don't think the yellow dress I wore helped, but under those fluorescents, I looked like the Incredible Hulk! I almost died after running into just about everyone I know in town. I kept the guide on overnight and lightly exfoliated the next morning. The color turned out perfect! I mainly wanted to mention the guide color because it threw me for a loop and it wasn't mentioned in Chloe's video. Don't be scared and make sure to apply when you don't have errands to run! Happy self-tanning!  (p.s. use code SUNLESS15 at checkout and get 15% off tanning products this week.)

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