Thursday, April 19, 2018

Static Hair: What causes it & how to take care of it

It has happened to us all at some point; your hair gets stuck to your clothes and random objects you go near.  It sticks out randomly and it ruins the hairstyle you worked so hard on.  Sometimes it even gets stuck on those perfectly glossed lips!

That’s right; we are talking about static hair.
We have all been there before, dealing with the annoyance of static hair. Some of us get it in the winter season and sadly, some all year long. Whatever the case, we all can agree that static hair just ruins everything.

What causes it? Static can be produced when temperatures drop low and air dries up or when hair just becomes charged with electricity in which electrons  (which are negatively-charged) fly off your hair, leaving your hair with positive charges that make the hair strands resist each other causing the unwelcoming “static effect”.

Now the big question, how can we deal with it? Luckily, there are a few tricks, products and tips to diminish static hair!

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Avoid using a plastic comb
Using a plastic comb will only make your hair produce more static vs. a metal comb that will not because the metal is conductive to electricity.

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Switch to an Ionic Blow Dryer
Using an Ionic Blow Dryer helps diminish and reduce static by emitting negative ions causing H2O molecules to divide into smaller particles to evaporate and dry hair faster while also reducing heat damage. 

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Try using hair oil 
Our hair may conduct static because it is lacking hydration. Using hair oil will moisturize your hair strands to get rid of the static. Plus, it adds a gorgeous shine to your hair! Tip: Those with fine and thin hair, don’t be afraid to use hair oil, there are plenty of lightweight hair oils available.  If you're not sure of which one to select, call us and we'll make some suggestions.

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Hairspray is your best friend
Hairspray fights static! Just spray some onto your comb/brush and brush away for a static and frizz-free look.

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Use a product made to reduce frizz and static
There are many products available that specifically are made to target frizz and static. These include shampoos, conditioners and styling sprays.

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If you struggle with static issues, check out these featured product links on our website: Suavecito Metal Combs, Ionic Blow Dryers, Hair Oils, Hairsprays, Fairy Tales Static Free Detangling Spray

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  1. Loved the tip on using a metal comb! Why haven't I thought of this? lol -BB


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