Friday, April 13, 2018

No Sun, No Problem!

First thing's first. Let's discuss the different types of sunless tanning options such as maximizers, bronzers, instant and gradual lotions. While each of these products is different, they also have specific uses for each individual's preference and lifestyle.
The difference between tan maximizer and bronzers is, bronzers are added topically to provide instant color, where maximizers chemically assist your skin in the tanning process. Maximizers are generally sold as lotions, but they can also be sold as dietary supplements. The effects of tan maximizers are not immediate and results will vary as some work better than others.

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In case you're still curious about these maximizer guys, here a little breakdown of how they work. Tyrosinase in our body is responsible for darkening the pigmentation of our skin. Maximizers contain the enzyme glucose tyrosinase, therefore encouraging the production of melanin (pigment in skin). Other products might also use dihydroxyacetane (DHA) or erythrulose; both react to the keratin in the top layer of skin. This reaction will cause the dead layer of skin to darken.

Bronzers are topical compounds. They can be found in self-tanning lotions and in makeup. They come in lots of different shades to match your skin tone perfectly. Generally, they are bronze in color and have a shimmery finish. Bronzer is best used on your face, neck, and decolletage. Keep in mind, a little goes a long way. So, try not to overdo it.

Most self-tanning formulas can be divided into two categories of lotions; gradual tanners and instant bronzers. If you're looking for dramatic results "on the fly" then you're going to want to use an instant bronzer. For those wanting a more natural look, you'll want to stick with the gradual tanning lotions.

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Like most everything in life, there are both good and bad things to consider for each type of lotion. For instance, with an instant tanner, you will be nice and dark within 24hrs of application. There are plain and tinted instant lotions. For beginners, we recommend using the tinted bronzers so that you can see where you're applying the product. Plain lotions can difficult to use because they absorb into the skin without leaving any visible color. Lack of control is the main downside to using instant tanning lotions.

Gradual tanning lotions contain the same tanning agents used in instant bronzers but in much lower concentrations. These lotions develop over a few days instead of hours. Some gradual lotions are tinted with bronzer, however, they tend to be a lot lighter and less noticeable. Because color develops slower, it is a lot easier to get the exact shade you want by reapplying applications for a few days straight. Most high-end formulas can also be used as a daily moisturizer. The only drawback is that is usually less noticeable and you use a little more product than the instant ones.

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Sunless tanning lotions and supplements have come a long way since the 70's when they were first introduced. With our advanced technology, we no longer have to worry about looking like an orange Oompa Loompa. As much as we all love the sun-kissed look a tan gives us, the sun is not our friend. It is very important to take care of our skin by protecting it from harsh radicals and UV rays. Please call our customer service team, (866) 409-7227, with any questions or even help to decide which sunless tanner is the right one for you. We're happy to help and don't forget to ask about our special! Use code "SUNLESS15" during checkout for 15% off any sunless tanner.

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