Monday, April 30, 2018

Did You Know? Waxing Edition

Have you ever had your brows, legs or other areas waxed? If so, you know how painful it can be but also how nice it can be to not have to worry about the hair removal for a few weeks. Waxing is a great form of hair removal and becomes vitally essential as summer comes near. Whether waxing is a staple in your hair removal or you are just looking into it, here are some essential need-to-knows about waxing. So, did you know...

1. The best time to start waxing is when you are young.
No, we don't mean starting as a child, more toward your late teens and early twenties. Hair is naturally thinner and less deep-rooted when you are younger. This makes waxing less painful and the periods between waxing longer. As with most skin care, establishing your beauty routine is better younger.
2. Your menstrual cycle can affect your pain levels.
As unfair as Aunt Flow can already be, she can also affect your waxing sensitivity. The few days before and first few days of that time of your month your skin is more sensitive, and waxing will hurt worse. This is not just for bikini/brazilian waxing, though that is most affected. All areas will be more sensitive, so try to plan your waxes accordingly.

 3. You should avoid sun exposure for 48 hours post-wax.
While waxing doesn't hurt after the hair has been removed, your skin is still sensitive. This sensitive state is much more susceptible to sun damage! This means you should really give your skin a break after waxing and avoid the sun. If you don't have a choice make sure to step up your SPF care. Apply at least 50 SPF every couple of hours.

4. Your hair will not grow back thicker and darker.
Yes, we all do tend to notice our hair growing back thicker and darker but it has nothing to do with waxing, or shaving really. Hair growing back thicker has to do with our hormones changing! In fact, regular waxing can cause hair to grow fine and more sparse as follicles take more time to start reproducing your hair. This also makes us caution you in waxing your eyebrows. If you wax them off, they don't grow back fuller (you may be surprised how often we are asked that). That's a job for brow serums.

5. Hair only has to be 1/4in for a clean wax.
Just for reference, that's about the length of a grain of rice. Most people's hair will take about 3-4 weeks to reach that length. The biggest thing to remember is you don't have to wait until you start looking like a Wookie before waxing. Hair also shouldn't be much longer than 1/2in. Too much longer than that and you risk missing hairs or have them just break off.
 Satin Smooth
6. Liquid courage means more sensitive skin.
Both alcohol and coffee tend to be slightly acidic and blood thinning. This combination means your skin becomes more sensitive. To minimize pain during waxing you should avoid coffee and a buzz at least two hours beforehand. It's best to binge on water before and save that drink for after!

7. Routine is everything.
Believe it or not but waxing gets easier with practice! When you turn waxing into a regular part of life your skin appreciates it. Hair grows thinner and is easier to remove. Your pores are also likely to be less sensitive and bounce back faster. Having regular waxes also means you get a smoother wax. Waxing removes your hair and a little bit of your follicle under the skin. After 2-3 waxes, all of your hair is essentially "reset" to be on the same growth cycle. So by wax number 4, the hair is removed at the same stage and that feels smoother to touch and means growth will appear slower.

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