Monday, April 9, 2018

Concealer; Are you doing it right?

Dark circles, one of our biggest enemies.  Thank goodness there is concealer to do the trick of hiding them, but the question is…are we applying it correctly?

We all want to achieve brighter, healthier, youthful looking eyes but applying our concealer incorrectly can actually make us look older and duller. In this article, we’ll go through some steps and tips to make your eyes go from drab to fab!

Step #1 Always use an eye cream. Using an eye cream before any makeup application helps to prep and prime the skin, giving your under eyes a hydrated and plumped canvas. By doing this first step, you will avoid dry eyes which lead to lines and wrinkles forming.

Step #2  Apply foundation of your choice. Tip: We like to recommend those with oily skin to go with a powder foundation and those with dry skin, a liquid foundation.

Step #3 Facial Oil. This is a step many of us skip or have never even thought or known about. By using just a drop of facial oil under the eyes, it gives your under eyes a moisturized healthy glow. All you need is the slightest amount to apply under the eyes and your set! Tip: Using a damp makeup sponge really helps to dab the oil into the skin to keep it hydrated.

Step #4 The Corrector. A lot of times we don’t understand the difference between a corrector and a concealer so we typically just stick with the concealer. What you don’t know is that a corrector actually helps to allow us to use less concealer. Correctors neutralize any blemishes and shadows to counteract the darkness of our under eye circles therefore making it super easy for the concealer to do its job and with less product. Tip: A little goes a long way. Best to use the corrector right on the inside corners of the eyes.

Step #5 Concealer. Steer away from heavy or thick concealers and always go with a concealer that is as lightweight as possible.  Avoid doing the upside down triangle application! It may look gorgeous in our “selfies” but too much concealer will cause the “cake” effect leading to unwanted crease lines. Apply in small strokes along the under eye area and blend away. Tip: Try using a hydrating concealer. Matte or dry concealers can dry the skin causing and emphasizing lines and wrinkles.

Step #6 Last and final step to awakened eyes. Take a small brush and use a translucent powder and apply just a tad along the lash line and under eye area to smooth the under eyes to avoid creasing from concealer. Once you have done that, your eyes will be glowing with radiance!

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