Thursday, March 1, 2018

Yon-Ka Time Resist Day & Night

Your skin has different needs between day and night, and it's rare to find a single product that really does it all.  When you do, you want to celebrate!

Yon-Ka has created two innovative creams, so your skin is covered with the 24 hour care it deserves & the nourishment it needs.
Yon-Ka has dedicated this line to fighting 'inflamm'aging', a turn of phrase to describe the phenomenon that affects all humans - Aging & Inflammation, which silently weakens skin tissue & cells defense systems. So both creams contain Yon-Ka's signature youth activator ingredients base to turn back the clock, which are plant based Saponaria Pumila stem cells that have a revolutionary way of boosting & preserving dermal stem cell activity. This effectively delivers your most beautiful skin at every age.

Yon-Ka Time Resist Night Cream

At night, the body & skin begin the restore process that fights the damages caused in the day. This night cream is infused with Euglena Gracillis Extract, Persian Silk Tree & Inca Inchi Oil to replenish while re-energizing your skin. For waking up feeling fresh with refined skin & reduced signs of tiredness.

Yon-Ka Time Resist Day Cream

During the day, your skin feels the damaging heat and is in need of protection from environmental factors like pollution & smoke. Enriched with filling spheres & hyaluronic acid this day cream smooths skin while restoring elasticity to fight the damage for the long term.

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  1. I love anti-aging skincare. These products sound really nice.


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