Thursday, March 22, 2018

KMS Style Matters!

Start to finish KMS has your style in mind - from prepping Shampoos, Conditioners & Treatments to bringing your look to life with creative styling products that build, boost, mold & shape. Down to the finish line products that define your unique style statement & maintain that mane. Follow these two unique style equations to acheive these perfect looks!

Oliver's Streetstyle Equation  

Inspired by San Francisco

A relaxed, yet polished style that will compliment any face shape, hair color or personality. Get this look Start to Finish:

Start : KMS ColorVitality Blonde Shampoo

This is a great start for every hair type if you have natural blonde, gray, highlighted or white hair. As ColorVitality Blonde Shampoo illuminates blonde while fighting yellowing after just one use. Formulated with an AHA Structure Complex, infused with Lactic Acid, Malic Acid to support internal reconstruction. Polyquaternium-6 which evens out the hair surface & HC Blue No. 11, a direct dye to counteract yellowing. After using this shampoo your hair will be clean, prepped, primed and tined for styling.

Style : KMS AddVolume Volumizing Spray

A perfect straight-from-the-shower style product that packs a punch. Adding natural volume & width to your style while providing grip, for that intense fullness you crave. With volume lasting up to 72 hours when you work it through towel-dried hair then blow dry, can be layered up for additional height. Formulated with an innovative shaping complex infused with VP/VA Copolymer to provide volume support & Soribtol to deliver added surface texture. After using this spray your hair will have the lifted and airated look that is totally casual.

Finish : KMS HairPlay Hybrid Claywax NEW

A New & noteworthy finish, this Claywax dries like a clay but molds like a wax for re-shapable styles up to 72 hours. Use a small amount & work through dry hair, use more to build additional grip. Provides a matte finish once dry, ideal for all hair types.

Yassin's Highstyle Equation

Inspired by Amsterdam

Natural hair is all the rave right now and this look takes natural to the next level by still being controll and sexy. Acheive this look with the Start to Finish below:

Start : KMS MoistRepair Shampoo

Start by restoring your hair's natural protective coating while replenishing moisture, repairing damaged strands & reducing breakage. Ideal for all hair types, this Shampoo is formulated with an AHA Structure Complex infused with Lactic & Malic Acids to support internal reconstruction, Plyquaternium-7 to even out the hair surface & 18-MEA which restores your hair's natural surface.

Style : KMS HairPlay MakeOver Spray

Incredible for second-day style without worry, delivering dry cleansing & style renew. Quickly absorbs oils to refresh your hair while picking up the slack for style touch-ups in between shampoos. Formulated with an innovative shaping blend of rice powder, for texture & oil absorption. Plus a special propellant system for micro-fine distribution of the rice powder. Shake well, spray 4-6" from roots then work through to absorb oil. Layer through mid-lengths and ends to add bulk.

Finish : KMS HairStay Molding Pomade NEW

The New way to Finish strong with 100% grooming & 0% greasiness, this re-moldable pomade can be used on dry or wet hair. Ideal on all hair types, for polished or touchable styles with strong hold up to 72 hours. Now that's what we call staying power.
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