Thursday, February 15, 2018

Paul Mitchell's Neuro Angle Rod - The Curling Iron with Edge

Clipless curling rods or wands are all the rage for long lasting curls, but if you have owned one you know most of them heat to one setting - scalding hellfire - and can produce the worst burns due to the technique used to style with this type of curling iron. Yet, with beach waves becoming the new ringlet curls, Paul Mitchell has created an almost futuristic version for the popular trend that gives you exactly what you need without the frustration of traditional Styling Rods for more intelligent heat styling. Proudly introducing:

Neuro Angle Rod Curling Iron

Experience complete versatility with this advanced & adjustable technology that allows you to position the rod where you need it with the click of a button for customized styling from 90 degrees to 180. Adjustable heat settings along with the premium IsoTherm Titanium barrel to protect from heat damage while maintaining consistent heat makes this rod perfect for even the most delicate strands. The dual voltage makes this styling tool the ideal traveling companion for world wide use as well.
Determine where you want the curls to start, if you want curls from scalp to ends - place the base of the iron close to the head and begin wrapping the hair around it. If you want to curl only half the strand, begin wrapping strands at mid-length. 
  • Wrap the hair OVER the iron for more wave & UNDER for more bounce and lift.
  • Wrap larger sections for loose & wavier looks or smaller sections for tighter curls

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