Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How To: Braided Ponytail with help from N.4

Get The Look: 
Mohawk Ponytail
Apply a mixture, or as we like to call it "cocktail", of Sugar Texturizing Spray and Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil to hair. For added volume Gently tease (backcomb) a triangle section near your forehead. Then twist and push forward, creating a bump to start your mohawk braid. Make sure to use a large bobby-pin to secure the bump. Next, you will start dutch braiding (inside-out french braid) the top section of your hair.
This section should resemble a mohawk, so make sure to pull the strands tight. You will work sections from the outside to the inside, grabbing the section you're working with from underneath. Use a small clear elastic band to secure your braid once you reach the crown of your head. Now it's time to gently loosen sections from your braid. Starting at the top use your fingers to pull and create little loops throughout your mohawk. The loops can be as large or small as
you want, it depends on how dramatic you want it to look. Don't forget to secure your mohawk with bobby pins directly under and along the braid. Gather the rest of your hair (not braided) and pull into a high ponytail to meet the mohawk section; secure with an elastic hair band. Finish with N.4's Mighty Hair Spray to set your style. This fun look is sure to get you a ton of compliments!!! 
Happy styling!


  1. This looks nice i love my ponytail need to try this

  2. The braids are beautiful. Thanks for the helpful tips.


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