Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Finding the Right Tool for the Job

This is the ultimate team line up for all your styling needs. Cover all your bases from tight, textured curls to simple, sleek straight locks. This is the ultimate how-to guide to four gorgeous styles that cover every hair social obligation you would need. All styles are best started with clean dry hair. The tools will provide you with all the texture needed for a second-day start. Plus, hot tools should never be used with wet hair as they cause extreme damage that way. It is important to know your professional tools before use. Make sure to read all disclaimers and complete the registration for your warranty found in its booklet. Knowing the correct temperature to use for your hair type and using thermal protection is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your hair's health!

Playful Wavy Curls

Style Time: 15 minutes
Style Difficulty: Very Easy
Tool: Salon Tech SpinStyler Pro 1.25in
This look is exactly what you need for a fun girls night out. The loose curls are quick to achieve and are full of youthful sexiness. This style is loved by many celebrities and professional stylists alike.
1) Brush it out!
The automated curling iron is a part of the quick and easiness of this look and its only guaranteed to be tangle-free if you thoroughly brush out your hair.
2) Protect!
Protect your hair with a thermal spray and set the correct temperature for your hair type.
3) Curl!
Place the wand by the front of your face. Press the arrow that will begin the wand spinning away from your face. Allow the fingers to slowly pick up your hair and wrap it around the barrel. Pull the barrel down and back after a few seconds. This will let the fingers begin to pick up more hair and continue curling. Once you have that side in a curl, pick up the wand and move to the other side.
4) Repeat curling!
Create another large curl on the other side of your head, again turning away from your face. After that, one to two more curls in the back should have you all curled.
5)Allow cooling!
This step is critical. Allow your curls to cool in the large bunches. Bobby-pins may be used to keep your curls coiled while they cool. This is the step that helps hold your waves all day.
6) Finger through!
Once your curls are cool to the touch take your fingers and run them gently through. This will break up the large runs and transforms the curls to their playful looseness. If you have stubborn hair that rarely cooperates spray lightly with hairspray.

Sleek Curl-Fection

Style Time: 20 minutes
Style Difficulty: Intermediate
Tool: BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium 10-Roller Travel Hairsetter 
These curls are the epitome of blissful elegance. Perfect for the elegant occasion or an LBD cocktail party. Plus, the rollers used to create this look are amazing for ladies on the go. They travel extremely well and assure you look great anywhere you have to be.
1)Heat Up!
Plug in and turn on the roller set. The indicator light should turn on right away. They are ready to use when the indicator light switches off.
*While waiting, use a setting lotion for optimum curls, hold and heat protection.
2) Comb & Section!
Comb your hair out and section it into 8 to 10 vertical sections depending on hair thickness.
3) Roll them in!
Hold vertically at the end of your first section. Twist the roller away from your face up the shaft of your hair. Secure about one inch from the root.
4) Cool and Spray!
Leave the rollers where they are until they cool off completely. This should take 10-15 minutes (and it's the perfect time to apply make-up). Lightly dust your hair with hairspray. Remove the rollers.
5) Finger through!
Run your fingers gently through your curls to unwind them; but not enough to loosen them. This will leave them sophisticated yet still natural.

Tight Strong Curls

Style Time: 30 minutes
Style Difficulty: Easy
Tool: Paul Mitchell Neuro Angle Rod Curling Iron
These curls are some of the most voluminous fun curls to sport. They elevate your style in more ways than one. Tight curls add depth, texture, and uniqueness to normal curls.
1)Brush it through!
Brush through and lightly mist thermal spray
In order to be able to section out your curls efficiently, it needs to be smooth and detangled.
2) Begin Curling!
Adjust the rod to the angle most comfortable for your arm and wrist. That's the great thing about the Neuro Angle Rod. You can adjust it as you change positions around your head to stay comfortable and keep your arms from tiring out. Piece out a 1-inch section of your hair. Wrap around the rod going away from your face. Ensure the strand stays tight around the rod for a perfect curl. Hold each curl for only a few seconds.
3)Shake & Spray!
Shake out your curls to release the curls just a bit. Finish with a light spray of hairspray to ensure hold all day.

Smooth & Sleek Perfection

Style Time: 15 minutes
Style Difficulty: Easy
Tool: CHI LAVA Hairstyling Iron
This easy look is soft, touchable and smooth.
1) Brush, Protect & Separate!
Brush through your hair and separate it into 3-6 horizontal layers depending on your hairs thickness.
2) Slow & Steady!
Begin at the roots of your hair and apply firm steady pressure as you pull the flat iron down your hair. If you have fine or thin hair, rotate your wrist outwardly for the first inch or two before flattening back out to add extra volume.
3) Shine Spray!
After all four layers have been smoothed and flattened seal in the fresh look with a light dust of shine spray for no hold but extra luxury.

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