Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How To: Braided Ponytail with help from N.4

Get The Look: 
Mohawk Ponytail
Apply a mixture, or as we like to call it "cocktail", of Sugar Texturizing Spray and Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil to hair. For added volume Gently tease (backcomb) a triangle section near your forehead. Then twist and push forward, creating a bump to start your mohawk braid. Make sure to use a large bobby-pin to secure the bump. Next, you will start dutch braiding (inside-out french braid) the top section of your hair.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Finding the Right Tool for the Job

This is the ultimate team line up for all your styling needs. Cover all your bases from tight, textured curls to simple, sleek straight locks. This is the ultimate how-to guide to four gorgeous styles that cover every hair social obligation you would need. All styles are best started with clean dry hair. The tools will provide you with all the texture needed for a second-day start. Plus, hot tools should never be used with wet hair as they cause extreme damage that way. It is important to know your professional tools before use. Make sure to read all disclaimers and complete the registration for your warranty found in its booklet. Knowing the correct temperature to use for your hair type and using thermal protection is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your hair's health!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Give your hair a Metallic Shine!

We love telling you about new products, but most especially love a new product that adds a little fun or zest to your beauty.  Well, here's a great one!

There's a new shampoo from Tressa!  Watercolor Intense Metallic Shampoo with light up your hair with shimmering, superior shine!  Choose from Bronze, Copper, Gold or Rose Gold!  Each time your shampoo your colored, highlighted or pre-lightened hair you get a boost of color and color protection!

Tressa already had Watercolors Intense Color Shampoos, these new Metallics just add to the fun!

What does Tressa say about their Intense Watercolors?
  • "Permanently prevents color fading and keep colors intense and on tone with weekly use at home.
No Commitment, Intense shampoo can be easily removed or fades out on tone naturally. You can change color frequently without harming they integrity of your hair."

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Weekly Trending Product- 10 Roller Travel Hairsetter

Nano Titanium 10-Roller Hairsetter

Can we take a couple minutes to acknowledge beautifully waved locks? Want the look without the hassle? BaBylissPro continues to garner hundreds of favorable ratings in the beauty industry with their new 10- Roller Hairsetter. What makes it unique? Far-infrared heat; not only is this type of heat extra gentle on your hair, it also evenly distributes heat for more consistent results that will ultimately save you on styling time. These rollers also feature Velvet flocking, making the grip easy, yet secure. 

10 Nano Titanium 1.5-inch Jumbo Rollers
Far-Infrared Heat for Gentler Styling
Velvet-Flocked Rollers for Easy Grip
Create Beautiful Body and Waves
8 Butterfly Clips
Ultra-Fast Heat-Up
ON/OFF Switch with Indicator Light

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Eating right for Strong, Healthy Nails!

If your having problems getting strong, healthy nails, your diet may be part of the blame.  Read on to discover what you should add to your meals to help with your nail problem.

Your nails are dull - A folate deficiency might be to blame. As you age, your body doesn’t absorb this essential B vitamin as well. Try folate-rich stars like lentils, beans, and spinach. Other foods that heal: legumes, dark-green leafy vegetables, and peas.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Why Pureology? It gives your hair what it needs!

Pureology was born from a powerfully simple idea - To create the very best products for color treated hair. Where every customer is delivered a truly indulgent experience, from their signature aromatherapy scents to their proven hair color protection. Why Pureology?
You're sure to find exactly what your hair needs; from dry & frizzy to blonde & dull with breakage. They have you covered down to the last strand of hair on your head. There are very few brands that become popularized through client & stylist favoritism, but that is exactly how Pureology impresses - by working.    

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Jane Iredale Shape Up Contour Kits

Contouring or Face Sculpting is a technique once used only by the best makeup Artists for professional photo shoots & stage performances. The techniques focus was dedicated to building definition to be able to see the details of the face under harsh stage lights.
The modern age has brought this trend into the spotlight for the everyday; it's become a much softer art used to enhance cheekbones & slim your face to highlight your best features. Inspired by this popular trend Jane Iredale created the Shape Up Contour Kits, set in a gorgeous rose gold mirrored compact:

Monday, February 19, 2018

8 Tips to Knock 8 Years Off in 8 Minutes

Eyebrow Pencil
So when you think of your face starting to look older the first thing most people think of is wrinkles. However, your eyebrows are one of the real first tell-tale signs of aging. Youthful brows are thick and darker. Start by getting a brow pencil about one shade darker than your hair color. We really like Mirabella's The Brow Pencil for its smudge-proof formula and attached spoolie brush.  The spoolie brush is the first tool you will need in making youthful eyebrows. Gently comb the hairs into place following their natural arch. Next, use the pencil to very lightly outline the lower and upper arch. The outline shouldn't be too dark since you want it to look as natural as possible. With quick, sketch-like strokes fill in any gaps in your brow. Finally, use the spoolie brush again to blend in the penciling and natural hairs. The art of eyebrows can be tricky so you may want to practice before actually heading out.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekly Trending Product - Pharmagel Hydr02xy-10

Hydr02xy-10 Lifting & Firming Treatment

Be ready to be WOW'd with this revolutionary lifting and firming concentrate. Hydr02xy-10 is super performing lotion beyond any other. It provides a 10% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) & BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) combination along with Stabilized Oxygen for unsurpassed dermal improvement and maintenance. What does all this mean? Stabilized oxygen speeds up the cellular renewal process, AHA works to improve surface texture by exfoliating the dead skin cells of the epidermis. Meanwhile, BHA penetrates deep into the lower layers of the dermis eliminating free radicals (trapped oxygen molecules) to prevent unwanted premature aging. This breakthrough formula addresses dermal care at ALL levels. Don't hesitate, start having softer skin with a beautiful and healthy glow. P.S. Get 10% off this product and more from our current anti-aging skin care sale with code "AGINGSKIN" at checkout!

One of our reviews:
This is truly a 2 in 1 product!! I can get out of the shower and use this lotion to moisturize my chest, upper arms, neck, and face. It is not too strong for my sensitive rosacea type skin but it is strong enough that it is great at keeping my skin cells "turned over". I have had really "clear" skin since using it and that is unusual for the summer time for me when it is hot and humid. My skin is less oily too. Warning- AHA does make you more sensitive to the sun so I use this mostly at night and then in the morning before leaving the house I use a daily sunscreen to prevent more sun damage. I feel like the product is very reasonably price, especially considering how much you get for the price!! HIGHLY recommend!! - Janet

Saturday, February 17, 2018

OPI's Spring - Summer 2018 Lisbon Collection

The Lisbon Collection is inspired by Portugal's capital - The City of Light, Lisbon. From picturesque seascapes to sprawling yellow houses, Lisbon is where traditional heritage fusses with striking modernism that inspired these OPI bright & vibrant hues to transform your nail polish collection. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

2018 Spring Colors

Spring is just around the corner. This means that it is time to prepare ourselves for the wonderful trends ahead. The easiest way to get ready for spring is by changing up the color pallet of your beauty products. Trade those dark polishes for bright and maybe add a new color pop to your hairstyle. Every year Pantone releases the "it" colors for spring found all over New York's Fashion Week. This year's pallet is full of powerhouse colors that are all about helping every individual express their inner beauty outright. Spring 2018 is all about color mixing too. Taking not one but two of these colors that may not traditionally blend and turn them into a fun and playful statement. Of the 12 colors found in this season's Pantone report; here are our favorites.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Paul Mitchell's Neuro Angle Rod - The Curling Iron with Edge

Clipless curling rods or wands are all the rage for long lasting curls, but if you have owned one you know most of them heat to one setting - scalding hellfire - and can produce the worst burns due to the technique used to style with this type of curling iron. Yet, with beach waves becoming the new ringlet curls, Paul Mitchell has created an almost futuristic version for the popular trend that gives you exactly what you need without the frustration of traditional Styling Rods for more intelligent heat styling. Proudly introducing:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

NEW Kenra Products and our Obsessions

Kenra Professional is a trusted, gold standard, power hitter in the Beauty industry with their endless passion for innovation & reliable, yet superior, results. So when this company launches new products it holds the attention of everyone who has ever seen their signature silver bottles with that elegant black writing. Keeping all eyes on Kenra - Just the way they like it. Check out these new products that we can't stop testing.

Kenra Dry Volume Burst
This incredible dry application, soft hold volumizing spray delivers up to 9X the volume from roots to ends. We found this product ideal for creating touchable tousled texture & body for all hair types. Although our fine haired sisters rejoiced the most, discovering new heights for their date night hair that outlasted our skeptical expectations, myself included!

Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave In

Creating instant obsession, this all-in-one miracle spray is enriched with precious gold for opulent slip & luxurious shine. A truly versatile leave-in that delivers heat protection up to 450 degrees, can also be used as a cutting lotion, for after cleansing or for refreshing lifeless styles. Features a fine mist sprayer and a luscious scent with an end result that leaves your hair stunningly silky & shining like gold. Trust us, you won't be able to stop touching your hair and neither will that special someone. 

We LOVE to hear from YOU, so let us know in the COMMENTS down below & in a REVIEW on our website when you try these New luxurious products. Happy Hair Styling!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Trending- Clover Hair

Don't let Redheads have all the fun this 🍀St. Patty's Day!🍀

 Celeb Luxury's Viral Colorditioner is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! It's actually made to deposit color into the hair, giving you the ultimate control.  Your color will be as vibrant as you want it with each application!!! You may use their hybrid all-in-one conditioner to color, tone, rebuild, detangle and strengthen your hair. The Viral Colorditioner is available in 10 different shades. We recommend using this color conditioner on pre-lightened hair for a brighter shade of green. Don't be left out this St. Patty's (Saturday, March 17, 2018), they're going to be gone as quick as you can say "four leaf clover" so make sure to place your order today!

Friday, February 9, 2018

2018 - A Year of Celebrating Women!

2018 kicked off in the fast lane with the International Salon and Spa Show in Long Beach on January 27-29.  This is one of my favorite shows because it always makes a great start to the new year; being held in January and it is so fun to see what new trends are going to pop up in the coming year.  This year did not disappoint.   The spectacle was grand and artistic on the stage.

Even more than other years, this year we are seeing an array of hair colors.  Colors were vibrant, muted and metallic.  In vibrant colors, yellow stood out; a neon stop-light yellow.  Yellow is not an easy color to make look good.  I remember about 5 years ago trying to come up with a color for my wild client who loved her Mohawk and wanted something new every 4 weeks.  So we tried bright neon yellow and she looked like a chicken.  It’s a great memory but wasn’t a great hair color for her cut.  Besides the neon yellow, hair color ran the rainbow and more non-natural colors than ever.  From pastel pink and purple color melting that looks faded and matte to a whole head of teal blue or velvet red that was so shiny, it looked fake. The trends have moved past the streaks of hair color and have moved onto the whole head being colored or melted, balayage or hombre (all new hair color techniques to achieve a tone on tone blended look) or color blocking with large sections in various colors.  Wild hair colors were on every stage but also covered the majority of the attendees, which are all licensed professional hairdressers, makeup artist, estheticians, and other industry pros. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Getting the most from your Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccanoil Treatment = shine, manageability, hydration and versatility!  When your ends are looking dry as a winter leaf and there seem to be more flyaways than style, it's time to rescue your hair and Moroccanoil has the answer.  But, when you invest in a hair product, it's important to use it correctly so it works as you expected.  This versatile treatment can be used on wet, dry or even next-day hair.  Take a look!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Set those lips!

There's a new product on the shelves at Beauty Care Choices and you're going to love it!  It's Hollywood Fashion Secrets new Model in a Bottle Lipstick Sealer!  If you have a problems with feathering and "bleeding" around the lip line, then this 100% botanical formula is your solution.  It locks in your lipstick, so your lipstick stays put and your lips look fabulous no matter what comes their way!  
Directions:  Apply your favorite lipstick as usual and blot with a tissue. Brush the lipstick sealer all over lips generously, keeping lips apart for about 30-45 seconds to dry. Refrain from eating or drinking for about 10 minutes until its magic sealing powers are in place!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekly Trending-Next-level Lashes

All about Super Long, Super Black LASHES

Tadashi Shoji

Ready for some fun? Twiggy called, she wants her lashes back! This hot style from the 60's is trending now with a flare! Lots of clusters, length, and very dark/black mascara will be needed to achieve this look; think spiders!! This is also the perfect opportunity try out falsies. At MSGM, this look created an almost sinister look by applying individual lashes to the lower lash line only. We can see Jeremy Scott used this approach as well on the runway. There are several ways to recreate this doll-like effect by using either full false lashes, individuals, mascara, eyeliner, and pencil. Tadashi Shoji went all out with lashes drawn directly onto the skin under the eyes.
Just follow these easy steps when applying your falsies:
Step 1 Apply mascara. Curl natural lashes and comb on a coat of mascara to create a shelf to support the weight of your falsies. Step 2 Cut it to fit. Step 3 Add adhesive. You should only need to use a very thin coat along the band. A little goes a long way. Let the adhesive air dry enough to become tacky. Step 4 Put 'em on and rock those lashes!
Get the look

Friday, February 2, 2018

Zoya Hits the Red Carpets

Zoya Professional Nail Laquers are vegan friendly, free of formaldehyde, toluene, parabens, lead and other harmful toxins. Each color is crafted to be buildable for extra vibrancy, but still wearable with only one coat. With over 300 different colors available and the amazing long-lasting ingredients, it's no wonder that Zoya polishes can be seen all up and down the red carpet. Stars everywhere can't seem to get enough of Zoya's amazing nail care products.

This deep, sophisticated manicure was rocked down the 2018 Golden Globes red-carpet by Rita Wilson. Escorted by her husband, Tom Hanks, the undertones of Zoya Courtney complimented her  with the same fiery-flare of her sequined dress and Time's Up pin. To get these fabulous nails at home, start with an even layer of Naked Manicure Base. This will provide you with not only an even tone for your manicure, but also a healthy dose of vitamins, proteins, and botanicals that will mimic the natural keratin structure of your nail for maximum strength and growth. Once your base has dried, apply two coats of Zoya Courtney. Two coats ensure you have superlative depth and vibrancy of the color.  Seal in your perfect nails with a thick layer of Naked Manicure Satin Seal. The satin seal is what gives the illusion of having jewels on her nails, without the actual hassle of adding a jewel to your nails!

At this year's Critic's Choices Awards, Angelina Jolie flaunted a bright red polish that looked stunning with her angelic white dress. Contrary to Zoya Courtney, Zoya Alix is more of a true red than a deep red. This color is perfect for anyone who appreciates their hands and wants to draw attention to them. Anchor Base Coat was used to give this manicure its stay-put foundation. Then Zoya Alix was added as the primary look. Alix has a special deepness to it which means you only need one coat! Lastly, Naked Manicure Glossy Seal topped everything off to match the shine in her eyes!

Jessica Biel strutted an absolute classic manicure at the 2018 Golden Globes award show earlier this month. Her nails were delicate, feminine and totally toxin free thanks to Zoya Dot's high standards and innovation.  Her look was created by starting with Zoya Naked Manicure Naked Base. Then it was covered in an even layer of Zoya Dot, a color which accented the cream undertones of her dress perfectly. A single silver stud was added to match her “Sparkly Best Friends”. Finally, the look was finished with a couple drops of Zoya Fast Drops because what star has time to wait for their nails to dry on a red-carpet night?!
The 2018 SAG Awards were graced with the beautiful Dakota Fanning in her stunning Prada dress. This look earned Dakota a top spot on many best dressed lists and Zoya Grace a spot on the hot ticket products lists. This look starts off with a smooth base thanks to Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Base Coat. The ridge filler is what provides the almost artificial smoothness to this blushing manicure. After the base coat has dried, apply 2-3 coats of Zoya Grace. It's a very light, gentle and sheer color so it does take a couple layers to get the full depth of French pink. Finish off this delicate manicure with Zoya Armor Top Coat  to maintain glossiness and ultimate UV protection.