Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Smoking Hot Hair Style Trends for 2018

Smoking Hot Hair Style Trends You'll See in 2018

Are you ready for it!? Lazy, oops... effortless hairstyles are gonna be the all the range for the upcoming year. So, get ready for fun accessories as well as interesting, yet natural, styles and lots of texture! 

Long Pixie
Hello, the 80's! We are loving this boyish look and even more, the low-maintenance this haircut has to offer. Any hair type can pull this one off, poker straight, or curly doesn't matter. You'll be sporting this cut into the next year as an MVP.

So, we're not quite ready to say bye-bye to our friend Bob just yet! The bob haircut is actually here to stay. Walk on the wild side in 2018 and add a little flare by going for an inverted bob or even a side part. You can never go wrong with an amazing bob, this hairstyle looks stunning and requires little to no work at all!

It's no surprise to us why all the celebrities from Selena Gomez to Katy Perry and Lily Collins are going blonde. 2018 is all about FUN! There will be lots of pastel and metallic blondes, so get adventurous with your shade, maybe even try some frosted tips.

Wash-and-go haircut & Ponytails
Going with the "laid back" style of 2018, ponytails are a must. Keeping it easy doesn't necessarily mean you have to keep it simple though, insert hair Accessories!!! Glamorize those ponytails while maintaining healthy locks and saving time.

Another way to cut out a mountain of time during your busy morning is having a wash-and-go hairstyle. Don't forget those leave-ins though! You will want to use a little leave-in product like Crack Original Styling Creme to avoid frizz and flyaways once your hair is dry.

Shag haircut
If you're not quite daring enough try the pixie cut get a shag baby! This wild, sexy and voluminous style is one you'll wanna rock in 2018 . The best part about this edgy cut is it looks totally awesome at any length!!

Natural texture
Give those curls a break in 2018. Feel the wind in your hair and embrace the uniqueness of your natural style! 

This New Year is all about YOU!  Make it count, free up some time and start it off with new hair. Be beautiful friends and be kind to yourself! 


  1. My DD just cut her long hair into the long pixie do!She looks great!

  2. We've carried a number of great Wella hair care and styling products at Micciche Salon over the years, but the company's new Fusion Plex is a standout.


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