Saturday, January 27, 2018

Combs - The right one, the right way!

Why do most men carry a comb and most women carry a brush?  Using the right comb can make all the difference in your style.  Combing your hair the right way can be much less damaging to your hair and is likely to break hair.  Today's combs can come infused with oils or copper, tourmaline or ions to keep hair smooth and add shine.

Types of Combs

Wide Tooth Comb - curly haired girls best friend.  You need this tool if you want hydrated, healthy locks.  A large wide-tooth comb is essential for detangling hair in the shower, and, if you have curly hair, you should use it while conditioning your hair so that every single stand get the right amount of moisture and nourishment.

Tail Comb - when you want to add a little drama to your hairstyle, this skinny tool creates the best statement hair part.  A tall comb lets you create a severe center, dramatic deep side or even a zigzag part.  It is perfect for creating clean sections for braids.  TIP: To create the most perfect line, firmly press the point of the tail comb onto your head as you create the part.

Heat Resistant Comb -  Once you get the hang of it, this is the best comb to use with a flat iron when you want perfectly straight hair because it can guide and control a section of hair without melting from the iron.

Teasing Combs: For Teasing & Creating Volume - They come in different variations, some have more than one row of teeth and others have one row but the teeth are varying lengths. They are specifically design for backcombing and teasing hair to create volume and lift. The handle is either long and pik like, similar to a rat tail's, or has 3-5 prong like teeth used to section and lifting.

Fine Tooth Combs: For Straight, Short & Fine Hair - They are sometimes called fine toothed combs or traditional combs, and have fine, narrow teeth. They are great for men and are used for hair cutting and styling.

Comb Materials

Plastic:  these types of combs are very common, inexpensive and water resistant.  they can also break easily.  If you buy a transparent type, it will be easier to clean.

Bone:  made with the bones of animals, but there are safer and better materials that are an alternative to bone.

Metallic:  Made with metals such are aluminum.   They are smooth, water-resistant and cannot be broken easily.  They are best suited for style, cutting hair and letting the hair lie flat.

Horns:  Made up of keratin and animal horns.  They are expensive, but smooth and gentle on the hair.  This type of comb is not water resistant.

Wood:  Made of wood such a boxwood, cherry or other find wood.  They are also called natural combs.  They can be very nice on the hair if they are completely silky.  When used gently, they can lessen breakage.  This type of comb is not water resistant, so it cannot be cleaned with water, only oil.

Combing Tips

  • Don't use a fine toothed comb on wet hair as it will cause breakage.
  • Use a comb that has seamless teeth to avoid snagging hair.
  • Always clean combs after use to extend the life of the comb.
  • Use combs that don't have sharp ends so you don't hurt your scalp and hair.

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