Sunday, January 21, 2018

An Epic Guide to Gentlemen's Skincare Series - Part III

The beauty of the beard is only reflected in it's health, which makes for happy kissing when caring for your scruff is a top priority. Part III sheds lights on how you can keep your beard and/or mustache in premium condition, plus a great Date Night Idea that is sure to pamper everyone involved!

 -Beard & Mustache Health-

Beards are a hot trend that never really goes out of style and Mustaches have been classic since the 1800's but it's a needy style that has effects on your skin as well. So let's take a look at these tips to optimize your beard and mustache.

1. Pruning is essential for an epic beard, so invest in a quality trimmer. Even if you plan on growing it out just like hair on your head, it will need a trim once in a while to keep it in check. Try our Oster Professional MXpro clipper set that comes with a mini trimmer for you Beardsmen.

2. Wash your beard regularly. This is essential for growth as trapped food & skin cells can lead to breakouts and itchiness. Scrub your beard daily or every other day at least with a specialized cleanser such as Gibs Man Wash BHB for Beard, Hair & Body that conditions without stripping away vital moisture. Gibs Wipes for cleansing & conditioning are really great for on-the-go as well.

3. Love thy beard oil! Nothing tames a beard and mustache like regular beard oil treatments that give you softer, shinier & more manageable beard hair. Try Suavecito Premium Blends Beard Oil, formulated to nourish & heal damaged strands by sealing split ends. There are 5 great essential oil scents.  Don't forget to invest in a good beard comb to detangle and distribute the oil evenly.

4. Train your Beard to grow the way you want. Along with regular trims, try a soft hold styler like Reuzel Beard Foam that deodorizes your beard with a gentle hold to give you ultimate control.

5. Don't forget the Mustache. Whether you have a stand alone stache or it's part of your epic beard it needs care too. Keep it looking neat; trim the area around your philtrum (area under your nose) with a pair of grooming scissors like Mehaz Moustache Scissors for easy trimming.  Trimming will also cut down on hair breakage.


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