Saturday, December 2, 2017

Why Be a 10 When You Can Be a 15?!

The Super Heroes line from Schwarzkopf's Osis+ is beyond super-natural! Now, we remember when we had to have the "Ten" benefits in all our hair care products, well that's just so yesterday. The future is here and we've found a new favorite product with super-human hair power magic! The Super Versatile Miracle 15 can definitely perform up to any critic's standards. This unique styling balm is made with Silk Extract; giving it 15 magnificent benefits for preparation, styling and finishing for all hair types.

Super Versatile Miracle 15
Here are the 15 advantages to using this AMAZING product: 
1. Optimal care balance.
2. Moisturized hair feel
3. Helps prevent hair breakage
4. Instantly detangles
5. Sensational structure equalization
6. Delivers anti-static discipline
7. Heat protection (230°- 450°)
8. Mechanical damage protection
9. Helps to protect against UV exposure
10. Improves manageability
11. Light styling control
12. Creates silkiness
13. Up to 96 hours of anti-frizz control
14. Adds light texture
15. Adds shine

Just imagine how much money you're saving by switching to Miracle 15. As great as those "10" products were, you still had to purchase a few other items for results you get with this one! The Miracle 15 is one out of several other outstanding products in the new Osis+ Super Heroes line. They all deliver outlasting results when it comes to shape, hold, volume and jaw dropping transformations. To check out these other SUPER products click here.

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