Saturday, December 16, 2017

Little tips for Perfect Polish!

We all love beautifully polished nails...especially for holiday events.  They give your look an elegant touch.  If you're doing you manicure yourself, here are some tips to help you achieve a beautiful polish.

Painting your OTHER hand:  This is always the tough one.  We'll here's the trick...don't move the brush...move your hand.  Holding the brush still, move each finger, gliding on the polish down the center of the nail, then rolling the finger to the left and then right to complete the sides.

Removing Dark Polish:  It always seems to leave color on the sides and in the cuticle and leaves color on the skin.  So, before you apply the remover, apply a lotion/cream to the finger tip; the cuticle and skin, covering completely.  Now, remove the polish gently.  Wow! Clean skin & cuticle!

Less is better when applying polish.  We all know a big glob of polish runs - it's liquid after all.  First, run the brush stick along the bottle edge to remove any excess (especially when the bottle is full).  Then run one side of the brush along the bottle's edge about half-way down the bristles.  Turn the brush, and run this side of the bristles all the way down.  This creates a perfect polish bubble on the brush with just the right amount of polish.

Never try to "fix" the first coat of polish while it is still wet.  Let the polish dry completely before apply the second coat.

Finally, always apply a thin line of the base coat, polish and top coat to the free edge of the nail.  This "capping" will help keep polish from chipping.

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