Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tri-Palette Perfection!

Step 1:
Apply an eye primer (we love glo Skin Beauty's Shadow Primer). A primer is essential for a smooth, long-lasting application.  A good primer acts as an adhesive for the shadow and helps intensify the color pigment. 

Step 2:
Dust the base color (the lightest shade in the palette) on your entire lid and up to the brow.

Step 3: Apply your lid color (the medium shade in your palette)  with a medium, flat shadow brush. For stronger pigment, pat it on until you reach the color intensity you want.

Step 4:
Apply the crease color (the darkest shade in the palette) to your crease and outer corner of the eyes. Blend it well, but gently, with a fluffy shadow brush, so the color transition between the lid and crease colors looks natural.

Step 5:
Take the base shade (lightest shade)  and apply it along the brow bone to finish the look.

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