Thursday, November 2, 2017

Toners - an essential for flawless complexion!

Your skin ain't what it used to be! There is, however, a  magical liquid called Toner. This product is absolutely amazing!  As you round the corner into your 30's and beyond, we all need all the help we can get.  Adding a toner to your daily regimen, you will actually notice very visible results over time. We all want to age like a fine wine! No more blemished complexion and flaky dry patches. Here are a few benefits, you may not have known, that will happen when you begin using a toner.

Toner balances pH and hydrates your skin. Some toners are humectants, acting as a bonding agent for your skin and moisturizer. Toners should be used directly after completely cleansing your face, this will set the stage for ultimate moisturization.

Toners Minimize the appearance of pores. Certain toners contain an acid that helps to speed up the natural exfoliation rate of your skin. By sloughing off these dead skin cells and allowing for new cellular growth, you're reducing the visibility of enlarged pores.

Toners Add protection. Toners protect your pores by removing minerals as well as chlorine that is found in tap water.

Toners Refresh skin. You can use it as a cleanser when your skin is oily or dirty, even when you're on the go. Tip: Put your toner in the refrigerator for a little pick me up or during hot summer months! Also, great for hot flashes, sunburns, and rashes!

Toners Even skin tone. Using a toner containing Rosehip oil will help reduce redness, even skin tone and is great for rosacea.

Toners Prevent ingrown hairs. Toners are not only super beneficial for your face, but all over your body.  Find a toner containing glycolic or other alpha hydroxy acids and you will be saying goodbye to those pesky ingrown hairs and shaving bumps!

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