Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Perfect Gift Exchange

The holiday season is full of parties, dinners, and gift exchanges. Gift exchanges can be so much fun with all of your friends but they can also be very hard to shop for. After all, there is usually a low spending limit that seems to buy less and less each year, the possible gift receivers range in taste, needs, and everything else in between and it's never any fun to end up the buyer of the gift people are begging to steal. Most gift exchanges end up being full of gift cards, while extremely practical, also how boring! No panic attacks though because Beauty Care Choices is here to take the stress of buying your next Secret Santa gift! We have tons of amazing gifts at all price ranges!
Only $24

We have lots of great hair care, skin care and nail sets priced under $25. One of our favorites for gift exchanges is the Paul Mitchell Love is Original kit. This set includes an original Awapuhi Shampoo, The Detangler, and a Flexible Style Sculpting Foam. This kit is perfect because after all everyone washes their hair (at least we hope they do) and Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner systems are ideal for both men and women. The moisture balancing formulas work wonders on hair types from thin to thick. These products hydrate lightly, tame fly-aways and detangle with no added weight. Plus this set come in a gorgeous, sleek and easy to wrap box!

Only $18
Gifts under $20 are a plenty this year. Whether your group needs beard stuff,nail stuff, hair stuff or skin stuff, there is a perfect gift for anyone! A top selling, and crowd favorite, set this year is Dermalogica's Double Cleanse Duo. Dermalogica is an industry standard when it comes to skin care. Their products are used, and beloved, in salons and spas world-wide including our own here in California! The Double Cleanse Duo makes a perfect gift because the products are great for every skin type! The duo contains a Special Cleansing Gel and a new Precleanse Balm. The Special Cleansing Gel has been a top product from Dermalogica for years proving that it is sure to never let your gift receiver down. The new Precleanse Balm is Dermalogica's most recent launch. It is a balm to oil precleanser to remove all topical impurities for a deeper, more through facial cleansing. This amazing duo is very limited though and sure to sell out fast!

Only $11.75
For those needing a gift under $15 we suggest checking out the MaskerAide WashBeautyCo Konjac Sponge in Bamboo Charcoal. At first glance this product may not look like much, but these amazing sponges have appeared in Allure, NewBeauty, BuzzFeed and so many other places. They are the perfect addition to the skin care addicts daily routine or a great single step cleansing for people with on the go constantly. People every where love them because they are just like skin care devices, the electronic cleaners, but with some added bonuses:
1) 100% Natural
2) Cost much less than traditional cleansing devices
3) Biodegradable, in fact, we recommend when you are done using it to throw it in your garden for nutrient rich compost.
4) Gentle on your skin while still being just as effective cleansers
5)Travel Ready with no tangling of cords or the need for adapters

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