Friday, September 1, 2017

Going Platinum? You'll need the right hair products.

One of the biggest celebrity hair trends: platinum hair.  Celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Kiley Jenner, Katy Perry and most recently Cara Delevingne have all experimented with the trend, and needless to say they all look amazing.

If you’ve decided to recreate the silvery hues yourself,
you are definitely going to want some supplies to maintain your tone and strengthen your tresses. After hair is bleached, not only the color is changed but also the texture; hair that’s been bleached is extremely porous and fragile and you will absolutely need some products to nourish, hydrate and protect your new color from fading and your strands from drying out.

Purple-based toning supplies are vital to keep your color in check, and a must for maintaining platinum hues.  You need a product designed to deposit the right amount of purple and neutralize the brassiness, along toning the yellow hue out while providing a smoother feel and help with damaged, dry brittle hair. Look for one with nourishing ingredients like collagen protein, shea butter and argan oil – which will give you smooth, hydrated hair and provide elasticity to protect hair against split ends.  Keratage Silver & Blonde Mask  or Redken Blonde Idol Nourishing Mask will really keep the platinum true!

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