Thursday, September 21, 2017

Godefroy...for great eyebrows and lashes easily!

We often give tips about how to define your brows or apply mascara.  Now I want to introduce you to another way to keep eyelashes and eyebrows looking great without daily effort.  They are products from Godefroy.

28-day mascara is permanent eyelash tint that is a safe and gentle gel formula that delivers rich, long lasting color that lasts up to 4 weeks! It takes less than a minute to apply and is Cosmetology Board approved. The tint color is black.  You do one eye at a time and brush on like mascara, applying first the colorant and then the gel activator.  You can do both the upper and lower lashes.

Instant Eyebrow Tint comes in four shades (light, medium and dark brown and natural black) and takes about two minutes.  If you have stubborn grey hairs, it will take slightly longer.  Each kit contains three applications.  The color will last up to six weeks.  We say six weeks because eyebrow hair tends to recycle...hairs fall out and new ones grow.

Godefroy also has a lash curling gel and tint colors for beards and mustaches!  Take a look!

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