Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tips for Coloring Thinning Hair

Ready to hit the bottle? With a few precautions, coloring thinning hair can be safe -- and may even protect the hair shaft from breaking.  There's a myth that permanent hair-color is damaging, but that's only true if you bleach your hair or if you use the color incorrectly.   Meanwhile, semi-permanent colors that are acid-based may protect around the hair cuticle, and acid-based colors may coat -- and protect -- the hair. Follow these tips to give thinning locks a healthy new hue.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Marbled Nails....How to

You are not going to believe how easy this is! 

1.  Using a Q-tip, apply a thin layer of Vaseline on skin around nail.  This is not essential, but it does make it easier to clear away unwanted polish.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Godefroy...for great eyebrows and lashes easily!

We often give tips about how to define your brows or apply mascara.  Now I want to introduce you to another way to keep eyelashes and eyebrows looking great without daily effort.  They are products from Godefroy.

28-day mascara is permanent eyelash tint that is a safe and gentle gel formula that delivers rich, long lasting color that lasts up to 4 weeks! It takes less than a minute to apply and is Cosmetology Board approved. The tint color is black.  You do one eye at a time and brush on like mascara, applying first the colorant and then the gel activator.  You can do both the upper and lower lashes.

Instant Eyebrow Tint comes in four shades (light, medium and dark brown and natural black) and takes about two minutes.  If you have stubborn grey hairs, it will take slightly longer.  Each kit contains three applications.  The color will last up to six weeks.  We say six weeks because eyebrow hair tends to recycle...hairs fall out and new ones grow.

Godefroy also has a lash curling gel and tint colors for beards and mustaches!  Take a look!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Why use a heat protectant?

Let's be honest - no one rolls out of bed in the morning with flawless hair. Most of us go to great lengths to achieve a hair style that makes us look and feel our best.  There is, also, a far better chance of having a successful day if we feel good about ourselves first. So Glam On!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Make-up Brush Guide

Many cosmetic products come with a small "applicator" brush, so why invest in good make-up brushes?  First, these small applicators do not give you the control you need.  They also do not usually stand up to repeated use.  A good make-up brush, designed for a specific purpose, will let you achieve the look you expected from the product.  Quality make-up brushes are an investment you really want to make if you want to apply your cosmetics like a pro!  Below are the must-have brushes you need to blend, highlight, and contour your face to perfection.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Apply eyeliner like a Pro!

Of all the cosmetics we may use to make-up our face, probably the most difficult to master is the eyeliner.  Below, we give you some of our best tips and tricks.  Even if you have avoided using eyeliner because it always ends up looking messy, these tips may help you create the sexy, gorgeously lined eye you've always wanted.

Eyeliner smudges so easily because the eyelids are the greasiest part of the face. Before applying makeup, reduce oily residue with an alcohol-free makeup remover.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A new you? Change-up your make-up routine with 3 little tips!

The best way to make a makeup change is to choose the feature you get complimented on most, and play it up with a color that's the opposite of what you normally wear. Like neutrals? Go for color. Like color? Try earth tone

For a modern take on luminous skin, try pearlized pink-sand shades on lids and cheeks. With a pale matte mouth, you'll look rock-club cool (and not too disco). Pair pink lids with a natural, understated face.

Instead of shading hollows of your face, switch to highlighting. Using paler hues, accentuate under the brows for a mini lift, and dust a lighter blush along the cheekbone to plump cheeks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Copper - Cleanse your skin & get great benefits!

Copper was one of the first metals used in cosmetics.  In ancient Eqypt is was believed to give magical powers to those who wore it.  While that may not be true, it does help to prolong youth.  It's the new anti-aging ingredient.  Does it really work?  We did a little scientific research and here's what we found.

The Science:  Collagen is the main structural protein of connective tissue.  In humans this "glue" comprises between 25-35% of whole-body proteins.  Copper, in the form of bound peptides, stimulates collagen and elastin formation.  Both of these functions are essential in maintaining a youthful skin and in reducing the signs of aging.  the copper peptide GHL-Cu is abundant is young people, but is present in much lower levels in older persons.

So, to answer the question...does it really work?  Yes!  That's the simple answer and there is lots of research to back-up the answer.  So the next question is what/where can I get copper benefits in skin care products.  Clinical CareConquer(Zit) MaskZit - Camphor Mask with Copper PCA is a top-notch copper-infused cleansing mask.  If you want to start care early Clinical Care's Conquer(Zit) ToneZit with Copper PCA is perfect for oily and acne skin types.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Eyebrow trends

Okay...we love fashion!  We love beauty and we like to think we are trendy!  But the new eyebrow trends have us a little baffled.  A well shaped brow can frame your face beautifully.  Since eyebrows do frame the face, making them stand out makes sense.  I'm just not sure I could achieve any of these looks, except the wavy ones....I do that automatically if I try to use the eyebrow pencil without my glasses on! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Joico's New Insta-Tint Kits

Our last article dealt with hair bleached and tinted pastel.  But what if you are not ready to commit to the "hair colors trend".  Then, Joico"s New Insta-Tint Kits are perfect for you.  Joico's already put together three harmonizing Insta-Tint shades so you can't go wrong.  Below, they show you how to create a unique look using stencils.  Stencils are can find them at any craft department...or you could make your own.  The kits are great, but if you are more adventurous, each shade is also available on its own...Insta-Tint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray.  Don't worry...they wash out easily!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Pastel Hues...Tips to keep it looking great!

Get your hair cut regularly.  Double processes wherein the hair is bleached and toned can often lead to damage, so it's imperative that you get your hair trimmed regularly.  A cut every six to eight weeks helps keep hair healthy and free of split ends, which can cause more damage.

Pastel hair has been on the rise for the past several years, and it's showing no signs of stopping. From pretty purples to bold blues to dramatic pinks, going with a milky bright shade in an unnatural hue is still totally on trend. There have even been a ton of sub-trends incorporating pastels, including underlights, opal hair, and colombre.
Of course, just as with so many beautiful trends, there's one big thing you should know before going pastel: It's a truly tough style to maintain. If you're a low-maintenance beauty lover, it may not be the best pick for you. That said, there are some pro-approved tips that can keep your locks looking their best for as long as possible.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Going Platinum? You'll need the right hair products.

One of the biggest celebrity hair trends: platinum hair.  Celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Kiley Jenner, Katy Perry and most recently Cara Delevingne have all experimented with the trend, and needless to say they all look amazing.

If you’ve decided to recreate the silvery hues yourself,