Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Best skin care for your skin type

When it comes to skin care, we've all experienced disappointment.  Quality skin care products can be expensive so the more you know before you buy can better the investment.  Getting the right formulation for your skin will help to insure the product you buy is the product you use and not just another jar or bottle that ends up in the back of the cabinet because you paid for it and don't want to throw it away. 
Selecting the formulation (delivery system) is not just about what you are partial to but what benefit that particular formula has for your skin.  Today's products have lots and lots of science behind them.  You can use the chart below as a good guide for choosing what will work for you.
FormulationSkin Type
Milk & Lotion Sensitive skin which is easily irritated, can become red and itchy.
BalmExtremely dry or dehydrated skin that is flaky or cracked and feels tight.
Micellar WaterNormal and sensitive skin which has minimal irritation.
GelOil & acne prone skin that breaks out easily and/or is inflamed and congested.
PowderNormal skin that usually has minimal oiliness or dryness.
FoamExtremely oily Skin that is greasy to the touch and shiny all day long.
Thick CreamDry, dehydrated and mature skin that shows signs of aging and a loss of elasticity.

You can find the perfect product for your skin here for all of our great face care products.


  1. This is a great chart. Makes it much easier to pick the perfect product for your skin!

  2. Thanks for the tips looking good love to try them

  3. Totally makes since that milks would be good for my sensitive skin. I'll have to get some now.


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