Tuesday, July 18, 2017

NEW! Skin care supplements from Jane Iredale!

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, improving and changing.  Science, creativity and new techniques continue to improve the quality and effectiveness of hair, skin and nail care.  We love these new supplements from Jane Iredale!

Jane Iredale - Naturally good
for your skin!
Jane Iredale, skin care makeup as introduced four Advanced Nutrition supplement products for your skin. Skin Vitamin A contains vitamin A, with Vitamin D added.  Vitamin A is important for cell production and growth so it helps to regenerate firm and youthful skin.  It's the anti-aging formula!  Skin Antioxidant, made with seven super antioxidant phytonutrients from plants keeps your youthful skin longer.  Skin Omegas maintain your skin's integrity and healthy lipid layer...skin is smooth & luminous.  Skin Complete combines the ingredients from Skin Antioxidant and Skin Vitamin A so you get the benefits of both in one capsule.  Skin Accumax is the way to go for clear, flawless skin naturally!

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