Saturday, July 8, 2017

Concealing those tired eyes

“Why didn’t I go to bed earlier?” Ugh! Dark circles are just the worst. And sadly, because they’ve become a fixture in our lives, we’ve become masters at hiding those zombie-like under-eyes.  But don't worry...we've got them covered!

Depending on the day, you may need a color corrector or something with more moisture or something with even more moisture  But how do you know which one to use?

Concealers will just disguise those nasty shadows but they’re usually a bit translucent ― meaning your skin is a bit visible through it. This is good because it gives you flexibility with your makeup look and also lets your skin look like skin.  The downside with just using a concealer is that if your shadows are particularly dark, they’ll shine through the product too.

Youngblood Ultimate Corrector
has both peach & yellow
That’s where correctors come in. They neutralize the darkness using the same principles you learned in middle school art class (Remember the color wheel?).  Using colors like green, yellow, peach, and lavender, you can put a color on your spots or shadows that is opposite on the color wheel. Think peach pigment on purplish, blue circles; green on splotchy reds; lavender to counteract sallowness.

Wearing the correctors alone or with concealer over them is up to you and the finish you’re looking to achieve. For major skin concerns (super dark circles, hyperpigmentation, acne, etc.), the combo of a corrector and concealer is a life-saver. 

Keep in mind to only use your concealer on the skin that is dark and not on the entire under eye. Covering the entire under eye will only bring more attention to the area. Start from outer corner of the eye and apply small dots of concealer and gradually come towards the middle of the eye just below the lower lash line. Smudge it with the help of a makeup sponge or fingers until perfectly blended.

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