Monday, June 26, 2017

It's a Brow How-To!

Brows are one of the most focused on features for makeup artists everywhere. While there are so many ways you can shape your brows, today we want to give you the run down on one of our personal favorites. This brow shape has been made popular by aesthetician Kristie Streicher. Her signature "Feathered Brow" has been featured in magazines like Allure and Vogue and has been seen on celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Lilly James. This look is very natural and is a great rehabilitation for anyone that has over-groomed arches.

Step 1: No Touchy!
Start by letting the hair grow out! Leave your brows alone for at least six to eight weeks allowing the hair to fill in and giving you a great base from which to start. Streicher told Elle magazine, "The longer, the better as that lets you see your natural shape."

Step 2: Find Your Shape
The feathered brow is a bold look so don't be afraid if your shape is a little more than what you are normally used to. The easiest way to find your shape is by holding a brow pencil at the middle you your nostril vertically. Mark the spot where the pencil and brow line up. This will be the beginning of your brow. To find the top of your arch, pivot the pencil to just outside of your iris while looking straight forward, then mark that spot. To finish off your shape, again pivot the pencil all the way to the outer corner of your eye. That is where the tail of your brow should end.

Step 3: Shape It Up!
Now that you have your shape, make your brows match it. Do not forget to keep them bold though! Use a spoolie brush, like Jane Iredale's Deluxe Spoolie or gloProfessional's Spoolie, and brush your brows up. There is no need to trim every hair. Simply trim down the really long hairs with brow scissors like Mehaz's #371. If you feel like you may still be stuck in your old over grooming ways try Toolworx Ergonomic Groomer to keep that natural look and feel. 

Step 4: Plucking Prep
This style of brows are supposed to be boy-ish and bold, so you can skip the wax! However, you will still have to pluck a few hairs. Let's face, it no one grows perfect brows with no help. Prep your skin by massaging in a generous amount of facial calming oil. This will help with any pain and redness that plucking can cause. Our favorite is Pharmagel Nourish Oil. It's enriched with vitamins from fruits like cranberries, avocados, and seabuckthorn for a deep calming and moisturizing feel. Other great facial oils would include Bioelements All Things Pure Eye Oil, Amir 100% Argan Oil and Earthly Body Miracle Oil

Step 5: A Light Clean Up
Pull out your favorite pair of tweezers and repeat after us, "Less is more. Less is more." To assist in keeping that mantra true don't use any special bright lighting or a magnifying mirror. Use natural light and only pluck the hairs that stray from your shape found in step two. If you are looking for a great pair of tweezers Streicher recommends Rubis Switzerland Tweezers and we couldn't agree more!

Step 6: Plucking Post-Op
If the facial oil was not enough to keep you skin from turning red that's okay. You do not have to stay home all night waiting for your skin to return to it's normal color. Use a little bit of Satin Smooth's Stay Calm Serum or gloProfessional's gloTherapeutic Healing Gel to remove any redness while tightening your pores and reducing irritation.

Step 7: Say Good-Bye to Bare Spots
If your natural hair is not bold enough or if your brow is plagued by bare spots, fake a thicker finish. Use a brow pencil like Mirabella's The Brow Pencil  and draw in some hairs. No coloring! Just lightly flick in "hairs" to keep the natural vibe. Finish off with a clear brow gel; we love gloMineral's Brow Gel to keep those bad boys in place.  If your brows are naturally very thin and bare this look may be difficult to pull off. Try GrandeBROW serum to fill in your natural brow and you will be ready for the Feathered Brow in no time! 

Step 8: Be a Show Off!
You now have another six to eight weeks before you should shape your brows again. Keep the tweezers away and show off your natural gorgeous brow. Post a picture of your brows to Facebook or Instagram and let the adoration come in! Don't forget to tag us! @BeautyCareChoicesBCC on Facebook and @beautycarechoices on Instagram

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