Friday, June 9, 2017

Did you know.....?

I just learned something everyone in world probably knows but me, but here it is in case there is one other person who has glass shower doors and is constantly cleaning them (and HATES it every time!).

Bar soap has a binding agent that causes that film on the glass.  Liquid body washes do not!  This means no film on the glass and no cleaning it off!

I was told this by a friend, bought body wash instead of bar soap a month ago and haven't had to clean the glass once.  It dries clear and clean every time!  So worth it and body washes come in so many luscious scents, contain moisturizers and even exfoliates.  No more bar soap for me!

Need a good body wash? Click here to find yours. Beauty Care Choices has some of the best! 

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