Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A little tip for blondes using foundation

The struggle to effectively blend foundation is a real.  We have a trick that helps partially solve the problem ― and does it on the cheap.

When putting on foundation,  use an eyebrow brush or toothbrush to brush it into your hairline so that it all blends.  This works for everyone, but especially for those with blonde hair and tanned skin.  If it doesn’t blend,  you can see the foundation in your hair.

Might we just recommend keeping your foundation toothbrush far, far away from the one you use to brush your teeth?

Monday, June 26, 2017

It's a Brow How-To!

Brows are one of the most focused on features for makeup artists everywhere. While there are so many ways you can shape your brows, today we want to give you the run down on one of our personal favorites. This brow shape has been made popular by aesthetician Kristie Streicher. Her signature "Feathered Brow" has been featured in magazines like Allure and Vogue and has been seen on celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Lilly James. This look is very natural and is a great rehabilitation for anyone that has over-groomed arches.

Step 1: No Touchy!
Start by letting the hair grow out! Leave your brows alone for at least six to eight weeks allowing the hair to fill in and giving you a great base from which to start. Streicher told Elle magazine, "The longer, the better as that lets you see your natural shape."

Step 2: Find Your Shape
The feathered brow is a bold look so don't be afraid if your shape is a little more than what you are normally used to. The easiest way to find your shape is by holding a brow pencil at the middle you your nostril vertically. Mark the spot where the pencil and brow line up. This will be the beginning of your brow. To find the top of your arch, pivot the pencil to just outside of your iris while looking straight forward, then mark that spot. To finish off your shape, again pivot the pencil all the way to the outer corner of your eye. That is where the tail of your brow should end.

Step 3: Shape It Up!
Now that you have your shape, make your brows match it. Do not forget to keep them bold though! Use a spoolie brush, like Jane Iredale's Deluxe Spoolie or gloProfessional's Spoolie, and brush your brows up. There is no need to trim every hair. Simply trim down the really long hairs with brow scissors like Mehaz's #371. If you feel like you may still be stuck in your old over grooming ways try Toolworx Ergonomic Groomer to keep that natural look and feel. 

Step 4: Plucking Prep
This style of brows are supposed to be boy-ish and bold, so you can skip the wax! However, you will still have to pluck a few hairs. Let's face, it no one grows perfect brows with no help. Prep your skin by massaging in a generous amount of facial calming oil. This will help with any pain and redness that plucking can cause. Our favorite is Pharmagel Nourish Oil. It's enriched with vitamins from fruits like cranberries, avocados, and seabuckthorn for a deep calming and moisturizing feel. Other great facial oils would include Bioelements All Things Pure Eye Oil, Amir 100% Argan Oil and Earthly Body Miracle Oil

Step 5: A Light Clean Up
Pull out your favorite pair of tweezers and repeat after us, "Less is more. Less is more." To assist in keeping that mantra true don't use any special bright lighting or a magnifying mirror. Use natural light and only pluck the hairs that stray from your shape found in step two. If you are looking for a great pair of tweezers Streicher recommends Rubis Switzerland Tweezers and we couldn't agree more!

Step 6: Plucking Post-Op
If the facial oil was not enough to keep you skin from turning red that's okay. You do not have to stay home all night waiting for your skin to return to it's normal color. Use a little bit of Satin Smooth's Stay Calm Serum or gloProfessional's gloTherapeutic Healing Gel to remove any redness while tightening your pores and reducing irritation.

Step 7: Say Good-Bye to Bare Spots
If your natural hair is not bold enough or if your brow is plagued by bare spots, fake a thicker finish. Use a brow pencil like Mirabella's The Brow Pencil  and draw in some hairs. No coloring! Just lightly flick in "hairs" to keep the natural vibe. Finish off with a clear brow gel; we love gloMineral's Brow Gel to keep those bad boys in place.  If your brows are naturally very thin and bare this look may be difficult to pull off. Try GrandeBROW serum to fill in your natural brow and you will be ready for the Feathered Brow in no time! 

Step 8: Be a Show Off!
You now have another six to eight weeks before you should shape your brows again. Keep the tweezers away and show off your natural gorgeous brow. Post a picture of your brows to Facebook or Instagram and let the adoration come in! Don't forget to tag us! @BeautyCareChoicesBCC on Facebook and @beautycarechoices on Instagram

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Micellar Water

Everyone, including beauty experts, is raving about the benefits of micellar water.  The gentle cleansers can seemingly do it all.  Micellar waters are no longer exclusive to skincare. They are now available for your hair!

Micellar water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules suspended in soft water.  The micelles have both water-loving and oil-loving properties.  These two parts help the molecules in your shampoo to attach to oil and dirt particles in your hair, which makes it easier to wash away. In short, the micelles are helping to get your hair as clean as possible without being too aggressive on your hair. Think of them as a magnet: they help draw out impurities like dirt, oil and environmental pollutants without being too harsh on your hair.

What Is Micellar Shampoo?
Micellar shampoos offer a new type of hair cleansing experience that gently washes away dirt, grit, pollution, product build-up and excess oils. Safe for color-treated hair, these mild shampoos are formulated without sulfates or silicones to give you bouncy, fresh hair without drying out your strands.

What are the benefits of a micellar water shampoo?
Well, unlike typical clarifying shampoos recommended to be used once per week, micellar shampoos can be used each time you shampoo. This micellar technology is helps to remove any gunk or product buildup that inevitably builds up on the scalp without harming your haircolor or the integrity of your hair. And, you can use them daily!

Redken has just introduced Clean Maniac Shampoo & Conditioner using micellar water.  If you love to clear the junk, gunk and odors from your hair, Clean Maniac is for you!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Keeping control of coarse, thick hair.

It's true...we often want what we can't have.  Those of us with fine, thin hair wish it was thick.  Those with thick hair, wish it were thinner.  Curly hair wants it straight...straight hair wishes for those gorgeous curls.  So, while we have to accept what we have, each type presents challenges to get the beautiful hair we all want.  Here, we provide some useful tips for those with thick, coarse hair.


Coarse, thick hair is often drier because it has the least amount of oil glands and the largest diameter. The good news: it means you can go the longest between shampoos. Wash once or twice a week, and make sure you lather twice if it's been a whole week between shampoos.  Use something labeled as moisturizing; ones that contain oils like jojoba, coconut, or argan, which sink in and restore moisture


Get a cut every 12 to 16 weeks, and at every other appointment, ask your stylist to remove bulk from your hair. Doing it at every appointment could make your hair look and feel too thin. Also, try to keep it on the longer side. Styles that are shorter than shoulder length require more maintenance in a daily styling routine, as this texture looks best smooth and shaped.


Coarse hair tends to be naturally dark, so regrowth can be very noticeable. Color as often as you need to—every two to four weeks if you have severe grays, or every six to eight weeks for highlights. If you're using a semi- or demi- permanent formula, pull the color all the way through to your ends every time to get a boost of shine. Keep in mind that coarse hair can be very dry, so incorporate a hydrating mask into your regular routine to prolong your color's vibrancy.


Heavier styling creams are your best bet. Start with a dime-size amount and add more as needed.  This will help add moisture and shine and also define the texture.  This type takes forever to dry and style. Fake a blow-out by showering at night and twisting damp hair into a high bun. In the morning, undo it, and wind a half-inch iron through a few front and side sections. Set with hair spray.

Need help finding the best hair products for your hair type.  Give our cosmetologists a call -  (866) 409-7227.  They are happy to help!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Little "Hacks" that make hair styling easier!

1. Tame frizz with a toothbrush and hairspray.
Using hairspray to control frizz is a delicate balancing act: use too little and it doesn’t make much difference, but spray too generously and you’ll end up with unpleasantly stiff hair. In order to make sure you have just the right amount to tame frizz, spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and run it over those pesky flyaway strands. It’ll hold your hair in place without turning it into a helmet.

2. Use dry shampoo before you go to bed.
If your hair needs a wash but you know you won’t have time to do that before work or school in the morning, apply dry shampoo before your head hits the pillow at night. The shampoo will work itself into your strands overnight, resulting in clean, healthy-looking hair in the morning.

3. When curling, start with the middle of your hair.
To get full, long-lasting waves using a curling iron, start from the middle instead of the end of your hair. This helps your hair stay wavy for longer.

4. Keep your bobby pins in place with hairspray. 
If you have sleek, straight hair that bobby pins usually slide right through, spread out your bobby pins on a towel and spray them with either hairspray or dry shampoo. Carefully pick up the towel by the corners and shake it a bit in order to evenly distribute the hairspray or dry shampoo on your bobby pins, then style your hair and rest easy knowing the bobby pins won’t slip out.

5. Use aluminum foil to help curl straight hair.
For anyone whose hair has trouble holding a curl, try dividing your hair into segments, curling each segment around your finger, and folding it up into aluminum foil squares (the size of the squares will depend on the size of the waves you want). Heat each piece of foil for about 20–45 seconds, wait for the foil to cool, and remove. Use hairspray to hold hair in place if necessary, but in many cases, you’ll find that the curls hold all day.

6. Get volume overnight.
Wash your hair the night before you want to get a voluminous look, add a little volumizing gel, and twist it up into a bun on top of your head before you go to bed (wear a beanie over your hair if you’re worried about frizz). The next morning, blow dry your hair while still in the bun for a couple minutes, then let your now-bouncy hair down.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

And congratulations to Katrina from Washington!  She won the Baxter's of California giveaway.  Katrina wrote "Thank you so much!!! I'm so excited! My husband is a stay at home dad to our 4 kids, so I think he's beyond amazing and totally deserves this!!!   Well, we think so too! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Don't think your eyes are perfect? Fix the flaw with eye shadow!

We all look in the mirror sometimes and, after critical examination, wish your eyes were bigger or our nose smaller or ....!  Well, we can't change our actual features (unless we want to opt for surgery), but we can camouflage our flaws.  Below, we have some expert advice for making the most of our eyes.  Try the right one for you and see the difference!

To make small eyes look bigger, don’t outline the contour of your eye with a dark color. Apply shimmery base eye shadow on the entire mobile lid. Highlight with a light iridescent shade under the eyebrow and in the inside corner and contour of the eye to define its outer corner. Instead of dark eye shadow along the lashes, use eyeliner along and beyond the upper lash line to elongate your eyes. Use eyeliner on the lower lid for a festive look.
For protruding eyes, matte eye shadow is preferable to iridescent as a base and contouring color. In the crease, blend contouring color halfway down to the lashes, visibly shrinking the size of the mobile lid. Curling your lashes may be the best remedy to reduce bulginess.
Mature eyes look best with a light base eye shadow all over the eyelid, and a soft highlighter under the eyebrow. Lift your eyes by applying color strictly above your upper eyelid, keeping the sides and lower lid free of base eye shadow. Use brown or grey mascara instead of black.
For Asian eyes, don’t attempt to draw a line above your natural crease with a dark color. Instead, try to create the illusion of eyelids by applying bright shimmery eye shadow on and above the crease. It should occupy about one third of the space between your lashes and your eyebrows. Be aware that this technique works well only if your eyelids aren’t saggy.
Large wide-set eyes look beautiful as they are; smaller ones need some work. Draw your shading line in the crease, close to the inner corner, but don’t deliberately try to make your eyes appear closer by applying dark eye shadow near your nose. Apply eye shadow within the border defined by the eye shape, and don’t whiten your inner corners.

Need to update your eye make-up.  Click here! to find your perfect shades in pencils, shadows, mascaras & more!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Create wavy hair without using heat!

We all know heat is damaging to your hair...a necessary evil that we need to create our style!  Need a break from the heat???  Here, Sexy Hair shows you how to create those sexy waves without a heated styling tool! 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Thin Hair Hacks - Style it right for big volume!

If you've been dealt the "thin hair" card, we have some great tips.  Even the thinnest haired-girls can reach supermodel hair heights with our "hair hacks"!
  • Part your hair on the opposite side. If you normally part your hair on the left side, blow dry it like normal, but part it on the right. Your hair gets used to your part, so flipping it in the other direction will make your roots stand up.
  • Add some waves. Pin-straight strands lays flat against your head, making even the thickest hair appear thinner. If you have wavy hair, try embracing your natural texture, or add some waves with a curling wand. The added texture will make your hair look fuller.
  • Back-comb your hair. Use a teasing comb to tease your roots. Comb strands over it and use a volume hairspray to keep the pumped-up look in place.
  • Get short layers. A blunt cut can weigh your hair down. Adding light layers will give your hair shape and movement.
  • Blow-dry your hair upside down. Flip your head upside down when it's still wet and blow dry. When you get to your roots, use your fingers to softy tousle – this will help them to stand up, creating even more volume.
  • Sprinkle your roots with a volume powder. This is a great texturizer, adding grip and tons of volume to your hair.
  • Rock a lob. Long hair is heavy, so it will lie flatter against your head. Try a trendy crop for more texture and volume.
  • Skip the serum. Serum makes your hair sleek and frizz-free, which also makes it lay flat. While that might be ideal for an up-do, if you're wearing you're hair down, you want to keep all the natural texture you have, so skip the serum.
  • Get highlights and lowlights. When your hair is all the same color, it appears thinner. Adding multiple hues to your 'do not only looks more natural but will also give you dimension, making limp locks appear fuller.
  • Swap your paddle for a round brush. Paddle brushes are great for getting a sleek, straight look. But to amp-up your hair, use a round brush while blow-drying. It makes it easier to grip hair and create more tension so you can get more lift.
  • Apply a root lift spray to your roots before blow-drying. This will help keep your roots upright, which will stop your 'do from falling flat after 10 minutes.
  • Let your hair air dry. Hot tools can damage your hair and cause fine hair to break. The healthier your hair, the longer and fuller it'll be. Give your blow dryer and curling iron a break whenever possible, and always use a heat protectant spray to protect strands from heat damage.
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Friday, June 9, 2017

Did you know.....?

I just learned something everyone in world probably knows but me, but here it is in case there is one other person who has glass shower doors and is constantly cleaning them (and HATES it every time!).

Bar soap has a binding agent that causes that film on the glass.  Liquid body washes do not!  This means no film on the glass and no cleaning it off!

I was told this by a friend, bought body wash instead of bar soap a month ago and haven't had to clean the glass once.  It dries clear and clean every time!  So worth it and body washes come in so many luscious scents, contain moisturizers and even exfoliates.  No more bar soap for me!

Need a good body wash? Click here to find yours. Beauty Care Choices has some of the best! 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hair Myths...the real truth!

Myths about hair exist in amazing abundance. The roots of some hair myths may be pure flights of fancy while others contain a kernel of truth.  Some myths, it seems, are inversely related to how hare-brained they are. So, it is time for facts and real answers.

1. Styling products dry out hair. – Wrong!This statement is untrue. The alcohols used in styling products are highly volatile. Consequently, the alcohols evaporate the moment the product settles on the hair or even sooner.
2. Frequent shampoos lead to an oily scalp. – Wrong!
Sebaceous glands in the hair roots regulate how much sebum (fat) is produced. The sebum production depends solely on the skin type and the person’s age. As a general rule, the sebum production decreases with age. Frequent shampoos will remove the sebum from the hair and scalp. However, professional  shampoos are designed to keep hair supple.
3. My scalp is so oily so I do not need conditioner, right? Wrong!
We completely understand that nobody wants to have a greasy head but please, we beg of you, use your conditioner. Conditioner actually helps in more than one way. With proper use, a dime size goes a long way and keep a wide tooth comb handy to thoroughly saturate and prevent overuse. Skipping the conditioner leaves your hair unprotected and more prone to frizz and breakage. Never apply conditioner at the root, that’s where your comb comes in!
4. Stress causes hair loss. – Correct! On average, people lose about 50 to 80 hairs every day and replace them. Stress can influence the balance between hair loss and regrowth in favor of excess hair loss. Nature strives to re-establish the lost balance. You should consult with your physician if the excessive hair loss persists.
5. It is better to comb rather than brush wet or damp hair. – Correct!
Wet or damp hair is more fragile and more prone to breakage and other damage than dry hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to style wet or damp hair.
6. Brown hair grows faster than blonde hair. – Wrong!
Usually, blonde hair is finer and more prone to breakage than brown hair. This may lead to the impression that blonde hair grows slower than dark hair. However, genetic factors other than the hair color genes determine how fast the hair grows.
7. One hundred brush strokes daily turn on the luster in your hair. – Of course!
Brushing leads to smoother hair cuticles, and it detangles hair. The smooth evenly layered hair shafts reflect light particularly well. This is the basis for the glow and the attractive play of light in freshly brushed hair. Brushing also distributes the sebum from the scalp over the cuticle surfaces. This protects the hair while increasing its shine. You don’t have to count and it does not necessarily take as many as 100 brush strokes.
8. Pluck one grey hair and more will grow!  Wrong!
Remember when you saw your first gray hair? You quickly plucked it out! Most of us do that, and have been told that many more will pop back out. Well, it's a pure myth. Plucking gray hair won't lead to more gray hair, but it can damage the hair follicle and lead to 'no' hair. It's better to have gray hair than no hair, right?!
9. I’m growing out my hair so the last thing I need is a haircut.  Wrong! Though trimming your tresses will not aide in hair growing faster it DOES prevent sad ends from hanging around which can slow the growth process down. So trim those ends! Your hair will still grow and it’ll be happier and healthier.. just make sure your stylist doesn’t get scissor happy in the process so be clear when discussing your end goals with your stylist!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Achieving a hair look that is unique as you calls for balayage!  This is a term you’ve probably heard  a lot lately. Balayage isn’t a specific color or look, but rather the actual technique that stylists use to apply highlights. The name means “paint” or “sweep” in French, so with balayage, the dye is applied to the hair freehand, using vertical strokes and no foil (think of Picasso strokes on a canvas). This way, the stylist can easily build the level of color from the mid-shaft to the ends so that the results are softer, more natural-looking.  It also means, as your hair grows it doesn't scream,  “I haven’t been to the salon in a while.”  It’s not really something that non-pros can achieve at home; balayage is positively


The method isn’t just used for getting those sun-kissed highlights that have made celebs fall in love with it—balayage can also be a little wild. When the technique is combined with mermaid colors, you get a rich ombre that blends two or three (or five) vibrant hues seamlessly. Plus, because balayage haircolor is never harsh, it turns out amazing on all base colors and hair textures.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Snail Essence for Fabulous Youthful Hair

Introducing Kenra Platinum's new Snail Collection.  You're going to be hearing a lot about these anti-aging hair products, so we thought we'd give you a first look!  Snail essence is a phenomenon sweeping the beauty industry.  Korean snail essence is that slimy stuff snails produce to repair the cuts on their bodies. Yuk! may be your first reaction, but it is a highly concentrated blend of proteins demonstrated to have amazing results for anti-aging hair and skin care.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Cuticle Care...Essential for health nails & perfect manicures!

We often show you nail art videos and how-to steps.  They are fun and with practice and experience, you'll get better and more creative.  However, you can't create beautiful nails without caring for your cuticles.  Essie's video below gives you tips and facts to insure your cuticle care is done correctly and safely.  (Warning: Incorrect cuticle cutting can lead to infections.)

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil   For cuticle pushers and nippers: Manicure/Pedicure Tools

Friday, June 2, 2017

Dry Shampoo Tips

Dry shampoos let you extend your style and prolong the time between regular shampoos.  Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, time just gets away from us and we roll out of bed with ten minutes spare before work or the kids can't find their homework or the dog is telling you he desperately needs to go for a walk!  Still, you need to look great for work.  That's when dry shampoo becomes your best friend.  The video below, from Oscar Blandi shows you how to use dry shampoo properly.  Even if you have another dry shampoo you love, the tips he provides will help you make sure your using it effectively.

(Everyone should have dry shampoo in their beauty arsenal. That's why almost every professional hair care brand has one. If you need it, click here.  You'll find a dry shampoo from all your favorite brands.)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

One hair cut...three great looks!

Our new giveaway features Baxter of California men's grooming products.  Here is "Seth".  He has one hair cut with 3 great looks created using Baxter styling products.

Paste Pomade gives him medium hold and can be easily re-worked during the day and into the night.

His "class act" (middle image) look sweeps his hair to the side and it's kept in place all day with Cream Pomade.  This give him low shine, soft definition and hold.  It also has Kaolin clay and beeswax to nourish his hair!

The effortless, tousled look is finger-styled forward using a mix of Grooming Cream which tames hair, adds a light hold and a little extra moisture and Cream Pomade for an unfinished texture!

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