Monday, May 1, 2017

Stars with "eye" appeal! Learn the tricks.

Kaley Cuoco has a two-toned approach that is extremely effective and flattering. Purple is actually a very versatile color with skin and girl flattering shades. Kaley used a sparkly lilac shadow on her lids and paired it with a glittery amethyst liner on her lower lashline.
Olivia Wilde has a super-sexy smoky eye look. Get this sultry look by keeping everything soft and smudged. Hard lines are harsh and can make you look scary instead. Use a brush to blend out the eye shadow and a Q-tip to smudge the liner.
Angelina Jolie also has a smoky eye, but she has soften the sultry look with warmer tones. Use browns instead of blacks. It's has a more grown up sex appeal.

Taylor Swift has wings! Her look is both seductive and sweet. She has thick, dark liner that demands attention but the upward wings create a demure effect. Using liquid liner can be a little difficult. Try using a light brown pencil liner to draw a practice line first. Once your satisfied with the shape, then go over your line with the liquid.

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  1. These beautiful ladies certainly have eye appeal. Thank you for the tips you offered to achieve their looks. Will see how I can do these.


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